Basketball Bonus

Chapter 9.7

The bonus is a penalty situation in basketball and gives teams extra free throws on every foul. Get ready to learn about the bonus in basketball


We've already learned about penalty situations. A penalty situation refers to the point in the game when a team has surpasses the limit of team fouls.

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The Bonus

The bonus refers to a penalty situation in both NCAA and NBA basketball when the number of team fouls exceeds a certain limit.

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In the NCAA, that limit is seven (7) team fouls in a single half. In the NBA, that limit is five (5) team fouls in a period or two (2) team fouls in the last two minutes of any period.


In NCAA college basketball, the bonus is called one-and-one. When a team is in the bonus, a player gets a up to two (2) free throws, but can only take the second free throw if he/she makes the first one.

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NBA Bonus Free Throws

The bonus in NBA basketball, gives each player that is fouled two (2) free throws if the other team is in a penalty situation.

Double Bonus

Another penalty situation called the double bonus exists, but only in college basketball. We will learn about the double bonus next.

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