Basketball Bags And Backpacks

Basketball Bag

There is a lot of equipment that basketball players need to play, including shoes, jerseys, socks, basketballs, and bags. A basketball bag or backpack is ideal for storing and bringing your gear to the court. Below we will cover the materials, types, and brands you should know along with some important considerations around cost and sizes.

Things To Consider

When looking for a backpack, you'll want to consider the following:

  • What are you going to use the backpack for?
  • How much storage space do you need for your belongings?
  • How much money do you have to spend on a bag?
  • Do you have a favorite brand or color scheme?
  • Do you need the bag to be waterproof?
  • Is the bag rip resistant from damage?



sports bag drawstring

Drawstring bags are the most basic basketball bag. They are small, lightweight, and affordable, making them the perfect type of bag for beginners and easy transport. Drawstring bags are ideal for practice and going to the court with just your personal belongings. The downside to a drawstring basketball bag is its limited size and lack of different compartments. Some drawstring bags have a single zippered pocket for storing small items during games or practices.


sports bag duffles

Duffle bags are great for intermediate players. They feature a large center compartment for storing all types of basketball equipment, as well as multiple side pockets to separate items. Duffle bags are a bit pricier than smaller basketball bags, but offer much more in terms of size and versatility.

Combination Bag

sports combination bag

Combination bags are the most popular bag for avid basketball players. Combination bags offer increased space, multiple different compartments, and high-quality supportive materials. Similar to drawstring bags, they feature two straps to be worn as a backpack. Most combination bags also feature waterproof linings and pockets to keep equipment dry. A unique feature to combination basketball bags is the front pocket specially designed for storing a basketball, which comes in extremely handy. Due to their extra features, combination basketball bags tend to be the most expensive type of basketball bags.


Basketball bags are made out of a variety of materials that are designed to protect contents, increase comfort, and decrease weight.


Nylon is known for its waterproof properties, puncture resistance, and abrasion resistance. All of these qualities are great for building a durable bag or backpack. Nylon is also a lightweight material, making it perfect to carry around with ease.


If you want a brighter colored or patterned bag, a bag made of polyester should be your choice since it is more receptive to color dyes. Polyester has waterproof properties as well, and is also wrinkle, stain, mold, and mildew resistant.


Bags and backpacks made of canvas are some of the most durable bags on the market. Canvas is made out of tightly woven cotton, making it extremely strong and able to withstand typical wear and tear. Much like polyester, it is easy to make bags with bright colors and patterns as canvas is receptive to ink transfer.


Some important considerations when buying a basketball bag or backpack are durability, available colors, and of course, the cost of the product.


In terms of durability, bags have different levels of quality. When looking at a bag you’ll want to look at the materials, country of origin, and price. When looking at the materials look to see if it has waterproof properties and is resistant to punctures and abrasion, as this is the typical wear and tear that the bags will face throughout their lifetime.


Basketball bags come in a wide variety of colors and patterns. If you are playing on a basketball team, you’ll want to make sure the colors match with your team. The option to customize a bag is available from many different manufacturers.


The cost of basketball bags is based on the materials, type of backpack, and brand. A drawstring bag is on the cheaper side at around $25. For a combination bag you can expect to pay $45 and up. You are paying a premium for branded bags, upwards of $65.

Storage Space

The sizing and storage space of backpacks is important to consider. Ensure that the bag you choose can fit all of your equipment.


There are a wide range of brands to choose from when it comes to basketball bags. The most popular basketball bag brands include Nike, Under Armour, Adidas, and Point 3.


Nike manufactures some of the best basketball equipment worldwide, so it is no surprise that their basketball bags are also top-notch. Their bags use high-quality materials to ensure both durability and comfort. They offer multiple options, including drawstring, duffle, and combination bags at different prices and sizes to cater to nearly any basketball player’s needs.

Point 3

Point 3 is an up-and-coming brand that focuses solely on basketball equipment. Their dedication to the sport and unique designs help them stand out in comparison to other basketball bags. Point 3’s bags feature padded shoulder straps for comfort, ventilated mesh compartments for sweaty gear, and durable, water resistant outer materials to resist wear and tear.

Under Armour

Under Armour is another internationally recognized sports brand known for making great products. They provide high quality basketball bags at modest prices. Under Armour makes a variety of drawstring, duffle, and combination basketball bags. Their bags are water resistant with patented UA Storm material and are extremely durable to keep equipment safe.


What are basketball bags used for?

Basketball bags are mainly used for storing equipment, transporting items to and from the court, and protecting belongings while playing. Basketball bags can hold equipment such as shoes, clothing, mouthguards, water bottles, and basketballs. Players will often leave their personal belongings in their bags while they are on the court, as these items can’t be kept in their pockets while playing. Some players also view their basketball bags as a fashionable accessory.

What are the types of basketball bags?

There are three main types of basketball bags called drawstring bags, duffles, and combination backpacks. Drawstring bags are lightweight and easy to transport. Duffles have more compartments and are great for travel. Combination bags have specific compartments for each piece of equipment.

How much does a basketball bag cost?

You can expect to pay $85 for a combination bag. A cheaper drawstring bag will cost between $15 to $30. Duffle bags vary in price based on the brand and material.