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Basketball 101

How does basketball work? What are the basic fundamentals of the game? Get ready to learn about Basketball 101. You don't need any prior knowledge to start learning.

Basketball 101

Table of Contents

Basketball The Basics

Basketball is an entertaining and intense game played around the world. If you are new to basketball, there are a few basic things you should know. The game is played on a rectangular wooden surface known as a basketball court, and this court has lines all over it. This includes boundary lines, 3 point lines, free throw lines, and many more that you can learn about in the future. The hoop is attached to a backboard on either end of the court. The goal of any basketball player is to score points, and this is done by shooting the basketball through the opposing team's hoop. Depending on where you are standing, the shot will either be worth 2 or 3 points. While this seems relatively straightforward, defenders are trying to stop you from scoring. You will learn more in-depth about the different aspects of the game later in this course.

Basketball Basics

Basketball Equipment and Gear

One of the reasons why basketball is so popular worldwide is how accessible it is for anyone who wants to play. The only equipment you need just to shoot around and practice playing basketball is a ball and a hoop. You can find a basketball court to practice almost anywhere, whether it be a park, a gym, or a school. However, if you want to join a team or a league, you would need a little more equipment to fit within with the rules and regulations. This includes basketball shoes, shorts, and a jersey. Although usually a jersey and shorts are provided by the team you are on.

Basketball Equipment

Basketball Penalties and Rules

Basketball is a major sport at its core, but there are many complex rules to govern how the game is played. This includes many different kinds of fouls or penalties. There are a couple of different kinds of fouls, including offensive and defensive fouls. As a player, you should try to avoid committing fouls because it gives the opposing team an advantage. Fouls either cause a turnover, which means the ball will be given to the other team, or cause the other team to be given free throws, which are unprotected shots taken from the free-throw line and are worth one point.

Some other rules that exist in basketball are violations. These violations make each game fair. Some examples are lane violations, double dribbles, 24-second violations, and 8-second violations. There are a few different rules that dictate how you play the game of basketball. You can learn more about each rule in a later lesson.

Basketball Fouls and Violations

Basketball Positions

In basketball, five players are allowed on the court at any given moment during a game, so there are five positions. The positions are point guard, shooting guard, small forward, power forward, and center. Each player has their own responsibilities and unique characteristics that make certain players excel at certain positions. The point guard is a great passer while the shooting guard is a good pull up shooter. The small forward is usually good at defense and is good in transition, and the power forward can play with their back towards the basket in what's known as posting up. The center is usually very tall and can rebound the ball very well. You can learn more about each position in a future lesson.

Basketball Positions

Important Basketball Concepts

Here are some essential concepts to understand while you are learning the game of basketball.


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