What is BASEketball?

BASEketball is a mixture of baseball and basketball. The sport originates from the 1998 movie BASEketball. Director David Zucker created the game himself because he and his friends wanted a new sport to play (IFC). Much later, the game evolved to become a movie. The sport is not recognized officially, but it is a great new game to play with friends.

Objective of the Game

The objective of the game is focused on taking shots on a basketball hoop from different distances. The different distances signify single squares, double squares, and triple squares. As the name suggests, making a shot from one of these squares determines if the runner is awarded a single, double, or triple. After making a shot, the shooter runs the bases.

BASEketball Psych-outs

Psych-outs are one fun quality of BASEketball not found in basketball or baseball. Psych-outs involve a defender distracting the shooter in some way to miss the shot. In the movie, defenders are seen spitting beer on a shooter, making offensive remarks, and even cutting off a fake finger to "psych-out" the shooter! Feel free to have fun and get creative with your psych-outs.


BASEketball is typically nine innings but can be played for as many innings as desired by the players.

Another great thing about BASEketball is how easily it can be played. With just a few friends, a basket, a ball, and some chalk, the game can get started. BASEketball is a fictional sport, so players can come together to change the rules as they see fit. This allows players to tender the game towards their ideal sport.

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