Which MLB Baseball Pitcher Has Thrown The Most Pitches?

Which MLB Baseball Pitcher Has Thrown The Most Pitches

Have you ever wondered which pitcher in baseball holds the record for most pitches thrown? Some baseball fans argue that the pitcher is tasked with the most vital job in order to win a game. The arduous responsibility of throwing a rapid ball countless times, not to mention trying to do so in a way that earns strikes and outs, requires extreme endurance and strength. Read on to learn more about which pitchers proved their talents well by throwing some of the highest pitch totals in league history.

Most Pitches Thrown in a Single Game

Nolan Ryan holds the league record for most pitches thrown in a single game, accomplishing this astonishing feat by throwing the ball 235 times in a single game. He did this on July 14, 1974 for the California Angels, helping his team defeat the Boston Red Sox 4-3. Ryan was able to easily sit down his opponents by striking out 19 batters over 13 innings. The only other pitcher to come close to Ryan’s amazing performance was Edwin Jackson, as he threw 149 pitches on June 25, 2010. This pitching performance resulted in Jackson’s first-ever no-hitter. This was only the second no-hitter ever in Arizona Diamondbacks history.

Most Innings Thrown in a Single Season

The single-season leader for innings thrown is Will White, as he pitched in 680 innings during the 1879 season. White, only 24 years old at the time, was a member of the Cincinnati Reds when he accomplished his pitching record. White threw a complete game in 75 of the 76 games he started during the 1879 season.

Known for his notable glasses, he remains a legend of the sport to this day. Completing an inning has just as much value as throwing multiple pitches within a game, as it fools the batter, demonstrates a pitcher’s ability to showcase different pitch types, and helps advance a team to seize a victory. White’s strength showed vital importance to the in-season statistics for the Cincinnati Reds.

White was nearly overtaken within the record books during the 1884 season by Charlie “Old Hoss” Radbourn, a pitcher for the Providence Grays. Radbourn, at age 29, comes in second place, as he was able to make an appearance and throw in 678.2 innings. While he did not beat out Will White, he recorded the record for most wins in a single season during the same year. His incredible 60 wins will most likely never be matched by any other current pitcher.

Most Strikeouts Thrown in a Single Game

Most would argue that striking out a batter and completing an inning has more importance to the outcome of a game rather than throwing multiple pitches within an at-bat. Three pitchers are tied for the record of most strikeouts within a single nine-inning game. These pitchers, who all struck out 20 batters in one game, are Roger Clemens, Max Scherzer, and Kerry Wood.

It can also be argued that Clemens is the most impressive pitcher of these three, as he accomplished this record in both 1986 and 1996 during his time with the Red Sox. Scherzer is the most recent pitcher to strike out 20 players, as he cruised past his old Tiger teammates during the 2016 season as a National. Wood showcased his skills to Cub fans at Wrigley Field during the 1998 season.