Which Baseball Players Have Hit More Than 700 Home Runs?

Which Baseball Players Have Hit More Than 700 Home Runs

In Major League Baseball, a player’s greatness is often tied to their ability to hit for power: as in, to hit home runs frequently. As such, the players who hit the most home runs are often some of the biggest names in the sport. However, in Major League Baseball, there’s an elite group that features the very best power hitters in the history of the sport: the 700-home run club. This club features only four players, all of whom were some of the best home run hitters in the history of baseball.

MLB Players With More Than 700 Home Runs

  1. Barry Bonds - 762 home runs
  2. Hank Aaron - 755 home runs
  3. Babe Ruth - 714 home runs
  4. Albert Pujols - 703 home runs

Barry Bonds

Barry Bonds holds the record for most home runs in MLB history with 762. Despite questions surrounding his use of performance-enhancing drugs, Barry Bonds was one of the brightest talents that baseball has ever seen.

Bonds came onto the MLB scene in 1986, playing for the Pittsburgh Pirates, and retired as a member of the San Francisco Giants in 2007. In that time, Bonds had one of the most successful careers in the history of the sport. He won NL MVP seven times, eight Gold Gloves, 12 Silver Slugger awards, and made 14 All-Star games. He was one of the best hitters of all time, and his home run record might very well last forever. 

Hank Aaron

Like Barry Bonds, Hank Aaron was one of the most electrifying players to ever step foot on a baseball field. Not only did Aaron manage to hit 755 home runs, but he also maintained a .305 career batting average with 2,297 career RBIs.

Aaron also managed to make it to a whopping 25 All-Star games, won a World Series in 1957, and won the NL MVP award in that same season. Aaron’s number 44 has been retired from both the Atlanta Braves and the Milwaukee Brewers, and he was an easy selection for the National Baseball Hall of Fame.

Babe Ruth

One of the most iconic names in the history of baseball, Babe Ruth hit 714 home runs over the course of a career that lasted from 1919 to 1935. Ruth also kept up a .342 career average and led the American League in home runs in 12 separate seasons.

Perhaps most remarkably, Ruth was a seven-time World Series champion between his time with the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees. He won AL MVP in 1923, led the AL in RBIS in five different seasons, and even had the best ERA in the AL as a pitcher in 1916. With one of the longest resumes of achievements in baseball history, Babe Ruth was one of the true power-hitting greats. 

Albert Pujols

In 2022, Albert Pujols managed to beat out Father Time in his final season in the MLB by hitting his 700th home run on September 23rd of that season. Pujols has another long baseball resume, with 11 All-Star game appearances, two World Series rings, three NL MVP awards, and NL Rookie of the Year, among a litany of others.

Like some of the other power hitters on this list, Pujols maintained a very respectable batting average: his stands at .296. With 703 home runs to his name and just about every piece of hardware in his trophy case, Pujols will no doubt be a Hall of Famer.