What Is The Shortest Hit Home Run In Fenway Park?

What Is The Shortest Hit Home Run In Fenway Park

Fenway Park is the oldest baseball stadium in the Major Leagues, as it first opened on April 20, 1912. The Boston Red Sox have called it home ever since, and the field has seen many historic events over the years. The ballpark has some of the most iconic dimensions in the sport, as the Green Monster and Pesky Pole are two historic parts of baseball history. With that said, what is the shortest home run ever hit in Fenway Park?

Shortest Home Run in Fenway Park

Didi Gregorius hit the shortest homer in the Statcast Era at Fenway Park, as he hit a ball 295 feet. What are some of the dimensions of Fenway Park, and how is this home run possible?

Dimensions of Fenway Park

As Fenway Park is one of the oldest ballparks, its dimensions are unique. Down the left field line, the foul pole is placed 310 feet away. This is the beginning of the famed “Green Monster,” a high wall that spans all of left field at the park. Left-center field gets as deep as 390 feet, and center field peaks at 420 feet away from home plateRight field is also relatively deep, as the fence is marked at 380 feet. That wraps around as the foul pole in right field is set at 302 feet, although many have debated that over time.

Pesky Pole

The Pesky Pole is one of the most well-known parts of Fenway Park. The right field foul pole is named after longtime Red Sox infielder Johnny Pesky. Pesky only hit six home runs at Fenway Park during his career, and most of them only cleared the fence due to the unique design of the ballpark. The foul pole sits 302 feet away from home plate and is the closest foul pole of any MLB stadium. Despite the measurement, Pensky and others have voiced that the foul pole feels closer than 302 feet, and Statcast officially measures the pole at 295 feet.

Didi Gregorius

Didi Gregorius hit a solo home run in July of 2017 for the Yankees that just cleared the short right field fence at Fenway Park. Gregorius’ homer was measured by Statcast to have traveled 295 feet, making it the shortest HR of the Statcast era. Although the foul pole is said to be 302 feet away from home plate, many have questioned the measurement, including aerial photographic evidence that shows the distance as 295 feet.

Gregorius hit his only home run at Fenway Park in 2017 against Boston’s starting pitcher, Rick Porcello, in a 3-0 Yankees victory. The shortest home run of the 2021 season was hit 310 feet by Carlos Correa and was also against the Red Sox at Fenway Park. That is still short of Gregorius’ record, though, one that could stand for some time.