What Are The Best Seats At Citi Field?

What Are The Best Seats At Citi Field

Citi Field has been the home of the New York Mets since the beginning of the 2009 season and seats 41,800 people. With all of those seating options, where is the best place to sit in Citi Field? Fans can enter the ballpark two and a half hours before the start of each game, meaning fans will spend a good amount of time in their chosen seats. Each seating area gives the fans a different type of experience while enjoying games. Some of the best seats at Citi Field include the Delta Sky360° Club, the Coca-Cola Corner, and the Promenade Club.

Delta Sky360° Club

The Delta Sky360° Club contains some of the most expensive and nicest seats at Citi Field and is located behind home plate. The club has a full-service bar, concessions, lounge seating, and more. The seats have an up-close view behind home plate and the on-deck circles. In addition, these seats offer in-seat service, allowing fans to sit and enjoy the game while concessions are brought to them. Some seats in the section can be purchased for around $100, while the first few rows behind home plate can cost up to $400 a seat.

Coca-Cola Corner

The Coca-Cola Corner is an iconic part of Citi Field and is one of the most popular seating areas among fans. The area represents sections 301-305 in the right-field corner of the ballpark. Many home run balls are hit into the section, and it also has a great view of the overall park. In addition, the Coca-Cola Corner is more open, allowing for a larger social scene. It also has a turf area allowing fans to take a break from the action, kick back, and even play a game of cornhole. These seats are also relatively on the cheaper side, selling for as low as $24 at some games.

Promenade Club

The Promenade Club offers a mix of great views and affordability to fans that want to enjoy games at Citi Field. This area comprises sections 406-423 and is located in foul territory on the right infieldFoul balls can be claimed down throughout the Promenade Club. People sitting in these seats will receive access to a few clubs around Citi Field, where they can grab food, drinks, and more. Tickets for the Promenade Club average around $60 per seat.


What is the best seat at Citi Field?

The Delta Club gives the overall best experience at Citi Field. The seats are right behind home plate and are the closest fans can get to the field. The Delta Sky360° Club has many accommodations, as well, including food, drinks, luxury seating, and more. People sitting in these sections can also order food to be delivered directly to their seats.

Where should you sit at Citi Field?

Each seating area at Citi Field gives the fans a different experience. If a person wants cheap seats with a good view, the Coca-Cola Corner would be an excellent choice. Fans that want to sit a little closer to the action may choose the Promenade Club. For a full baseball experience, a person may splurge and enjoy the Delta Sky360° Club.