What Are Some Basic Fantasy Baseball Strategies?

Fantasy Baseball

Fantasy baseball is a great way to stay engaged with your favorite players during a long season. If you want to be in contention come the fall, there are a few basic strategies to consider implementing throughout the season. A good fantasy baseball season starts with a quality draft strategy, as is the case with most fantasy sports. There are many different league structures and scoring models, and therefore, the best strategy for your team needs to start with a good look at how your league is structured.


There are many ways to approach a draft, but there are some basic strategy tips to consider if you want a competitive team. While fantasy sports are a great way to connect with your favorite players and teams, it is always a good idea to put your fanhood aside, particularly early in a draft. If you want to load up on some personal favorites with your last few picks, feel free, but with your top picks, you should focus on the best players available and what your team needs.

In the modern MLB, there is a clear discrepancy between players who generate power stats such as home runs and slugging percentage vs. players that generate speed stats such as steals and runs scored. Therefore, it is a good idea to target players at the top of your draft who can steal bases and score runs without compromising other offensive categories. It is easier to find power later in the draft or even via waivers during the season.

Another good draft strategy is to avoid drafting closers and catchers too early. As there are not as many great options at those positions, players tend to reach and draft the top names early and are actually losing value with those picks. Taking another potential stud position player or top of the rotation pitcher in the middle rounds of a draft will likely provide more value than taking a top catcher or closer


The key to a good team is a good balance, and the point of fantasy baseball is to get high points in many areas of play. Finding valuable steals early in the draft will allow you to balance your team later by taking players from the abundant selection of power hitters. The same is true on the pitching side of your team. 

Depending on how your league is scored, you will also want to be sure to build a good balance between your starters and relievers. If your league counts holds and saves, making sure to save a few roster spots for those tough-to-find stats will be vital. If you load up on too many starters, you will be compromising your team’s ability to compete in all categories. 


While a great draft can put your team in a good position, a fantasy manager must pay attention to waivers throughout the season. One basic strategy is to stream (add or drop) players on a daily basis to get the most out of your roster spots. For example, it might be a good idea to have one spot in your rotation dedicated to picking up starting pitchers each day, which will give you an advantage in categories such as strikeouts, wins, and other stats your league might use.


What is streaming in fantasy baseball?

The term “streaming” in fantasy baseball refers to the strategy of dropping and adding certain players on a daily or weekly basis. For example, a fantasy owner may drop and add starting pitchers each day to make sure they are starting players who are actually up in the rotation. The term is also commonly used in fantasy football.