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Top 10 Fantasy Baseball Websites

Top 10 Fantasy Baseball Websites

Table of Contents

  1. Yahoo! Sports
  2. ESPN
  3. CBS Sports
  4. Fantrax HQ
  5. Ottoneu
  6. The SportsHub Games Network
  7. FanDuel
  8. DraftKings
  9. Fleaflicker
  10. RealTime Fantasy Sports

1. Yahoo! Fantasy Sports

Yahoo! Sports has consistently offered a great way to play fantasy baseball for many years. They hosted the first fantasy baseball league ever created in the 1980s. They are currently the official fantasy baseball game of the MLB with a free to play and easy to use system. This site does provide the option of paying a subscription fee for more information and statistics, such as live scoring.

Yahoo! Sports offers a variety of different leagues to either create or join. They help you choose the best scoring format for your group's style of play by offering options such as Rotisserie, Head-to-Head, and Points Only.

In addition to just being able to play on the site, they provide many tools to help you manage your league and team. Some of these tools include player news and updates, statistics, daily matchups, scoring guides, draft tips, roster and lineup management, and profile customization settings. This is a great website for beginning players to start their fantasy experience with.

2. ESPN Fantasy Baseball

ESPN Fantasy baseball is one of the most popular and well-advertised fantasy games on the market. Many casual sports fans tend to gravitate towards ESPN's platform due to the easily navigable website and large presence in the sports industry. The site is known for having the newest fantasy baseball content as it is released which allows players to constantly stay up-to-date.

ESPN Fantasy provides you with all of the information and statistics you will need to make every decision throughout the baseball season. Their real-time data helps you keep track of your players' performances and uncover different league patterns. They supply you with many useful tools such as customizable league rules and scoring, several drafting options, live-scoring and trading, waivers, free agency, customized player updates, individual player statistics, and more. ESPN is a great option for those looking to be fairly independent during fantasy play and make all of their own decisions.

3. CBS Sports

CBS Fantasy Sports has become a top location for people looking to play fantasy baseball. CBS has won many awards in the past for having the best fantasy baseball game, mobile app, and online content services. They provide options for both beginner and serious fantasy players, with more customization and subscription options for those looking to play at a higher level.

The free version of CBS Fantasy provides more than enough of the necessary features to be successful. These features include private leagues for owning or joining, live-scoring, sortable statistics, roster trends, player message board and instant messenger, detailed transaction reports, trading platforms, and personalization options for the league interface, homepage, and polling.

Players have the option to subscribe to the "Commissioner" version of the game which adds on other options for drafting, scoring, league setup, waivering, roster management, and scheduling. It also provides customer service support. CBS is a top fantasy site for all kinds of players to have a place in a league.

4. Fantrax HQ

Fantrax HQ is a great fantasy baseball platform for people looking for many options while playing. All of the content is entirely free of charge and is updated at a reasonable rate. This site provides a lot of recommendations on how to set up your team for a successful season.

Right off the bat, Fantrax HQ provides four different league styles to choose from: Commissioner, Classic, Best Ball, and Draft and Hold. They also give you the option of participating in a mock draft to practice your drafting strategy. They offer up-to-date information on scoring, statistics, player standings, matchup scheduling, rosters, individual players, injuries, news, and transactions. They also provide fantasy advice throughout the season by pulling the most relevant MLB headlines that cause major changes in fantasy dynamics.

This fantasy platform is very intuitive and provides features that the top three fantasy sites do not. This includes ease to use lineup change methods, multi-team trades, a league treasurer, and quick customer email support.

5. Ottoneu

Ottoneu is a premium fantasy baseball platform meant for hardcore baseball fans and players. This site has a massive community of baseball fans playing in thousands of different leagues both for bragging rights and monetary prizes. This site challenges league members to be smarter and more analytical fantasy players. This is a subscription based service, but there are opportunities to win cash if you win or place in your league.

Ottoneu's deep rosters consist of both MLB and MILB players. You can either join an open league or create a new league on the platform. This site has auction-based drafting and multiple scoring options with detailed record books. Ottoneu also has an arbitration feature allowing players to add money to breakout players on any team in their league.

A unique aspect of this fantasy game is that it is available year-round. This allows for more league options, flexibility, and an overall better fantasy experience.

6. The SportsHub Games Network

The SportsHub Games Network is a universal platform that sponsors various different fantasy baseball entities that can provide a wide range of experiences.

The National Fantasy Baseball Championship (NFBC) allows you to participate in live drafts, auctions, and leagues to win large cash prizes. You can choose to play on this site in multiple formats with varying numbers of participants in each category.

BestBall10 has season-long fantasy leagues with slow and live baseball drafts. This platform has a cutting edge draft room with 12-team leagues and 20-round drafts. It also selects your optimal lineup each week so that you do not have to worry about managing your team. This site provides a high-quality dashboard to keep track of your drafts.

One last fantasy platform from SportsHub is CDM Sports. This site allows you to pay an entry fee and enter in various contests with cash prizes throughout the season. It is meant for passionate sports fans that enjoy sports betting.

7. FanDuel

FanDuel is a website that has one-day fantasy baseball leagues. This platform is meant for those fantasy players that are looking to move on from free playing and start winning money. The leagues can start at as low as $1 entry with chances to win big.

FanDuel players can start by choosing their ideal team for a single gay or entire tournament. After the team is chosen, you can watch the games in real time and have the potential to win cash if you place first in your league. FanDuel Friends Mode also allows you to chat in real time with opponents in your league.

The benefit of playing in FanDuel leagues is being able to limit unpredictability. Since you are choosing new teams every week, you don't have to worry about your players being injured, having a bad draft selection, or watching waivers. This is an ideal platform for those who do not want to participate in fantasy baseball leagues for an entire season, but instead pick and choose when to play.

8. DraftKings

DraftKings is a popular site for winning big on quick daily or weekly fantasy baseball games. These games are meant for those who enjoy sports and want to make money off of their fantasy experience. The various leagues on this platform can have very low entry fees, but also fees that are as high as $150. They also have some leagues that can be entered with $0 for people looking to gain some practical experience with no real risk of losing money.

DraftKings allows you to draft a roster of two pitchers and eight batters within a certain budget range. Batters score points throughout the game(s) for plays such as hits, RBIs, runs scored, and home runs. Pitchers earn you points for outs, strikeouts, and other plays. As you collect more points, you move higher up on a leaderboard with potential to win large cash prizes. This is an exceptional site for people looking for minimal commitment to a long fantasy season.

9. Fleaflicker

Fleaflicker is a noteworthy fantasy baseball platform for players looking for a fast, easy to use, and free website. This site is meant for league commissioners to host their games on and it provides league import tools for you to transfer content from another hosting site to Fleaflicker. It offers 77 different scoring rules to choose from and is extremely customizable. This year-round site has an active support team to deal with any immediate issues.

Fleaflicker has many features that make the game fun and reliable. One of their key features is fast, live-scoring that updates statistics to the second in order for you to know about every play as it happens. Some of their other tools include email drafting, multi-team blockbuster trading, flexible league sizes, practice squad rosters, keeprs for dynasty play, and constant customer support. You can also purchase the subscription package to gain access to even more cutting edge research tools and analysis.

10. RealTime Fantasy Sports

RealTime Fantasy Sports is a quality fantasy baseball site to use if you want to dominate your daily or full season leagues. This site has a universal draft lobby with hundreds of fantasy leagues to instantly join. You can sign up for free leagues or leagues that require an entry fee with cash prizes. This site connects you with fantasy players from all over the world and posts a weekly leaderboard to show you the competition.

RealTime Fantasy Sports provides an extremely detailed top baseball player report for every single player in the MLB for the current day, last 7 days, last 30 days, and entire year. They partner with Fantasy Alarm to provide other useful tools and analysis for players. This includes a drafting guide, league rankings, auction values, ballpark ratings, custom scoring techniques, agent tracking, depth charts, team pages, and a closer grid. They also provide mock drafting abilities prior to the start of a full season league.


What is the best fantasy baseball site?

Yahoo! Sports is considered to be the best fantasy baseball website. They hosted the first fantasy baseball league ever created and are currently the official fantasy baseball game of the MLB with a free to play and easy to use system. They have a variety of features to use while playing including player news and updates, statistics, daily matchups, scoring guides, draft tips, roster and lineup management, and profile customization settings. ESPN and CBS Sports also have great fantasy baseball platforms.

What is the best fantasy baseball app?

The CBS Fantasy Sports app is considered one of the best apps to use while playing fantasy baseball. This is a free downloadable app features live drafts, mock drafts, season projections for individual players, player news updates, draft guidance, and much more. It provides instant scoring to keep up with real-time matchups and easy team management to add, drop, trade, or manage your team roster. ESPN Fantasy Sports, Yahoo! Fantasy Sports, and DraftKings are other good fantasy sports apps to consider.

What is the best scoring system for fantasy baseball?

Rotisserie is the most common scoring method in fantasy baseball. With this method, all teams are ranked in number order in every statistical category. Teams receive points for their ranking in each category and points are then totaled to dictate the overall score and league position. Head-to-head is another popular scoring system that allows you to choose a certain number of statistical categories and base the teams win-loss ratio off of those totaled categories each period.

How do you play fantasy baseball?

There are many different ways that fantasy baseball can be played, but every way start by choosing to create or join a league. After you are in a league, choose from the various scoring methods to determine how the winner of the league will be appointed. Next, you can define your roster and draft your players. Throughout the baseball season, make sure to manage your team weekly by adding, dropping, trading, and matching up your players. You can also customize settings throughout the season.


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