Baseball Second Base

Baseball Second Base

A baseball field features three bases in the infield that players must advance past before heading to home plate to score. Read on to learn more about second base, including the defensive positions that cover second base and rules associated with the base.

Second Base

Second base in baseball is the second base that a base runner must advance to in order to score a run for their team. It is located directly opposite home plate behind the pitcher’s mound and is in between first base and third base.

Second Baseman

The second baseman is one of two defensive players that covers second base. The second baseman is located between first and second base, and covers the right side of the field along with the first baseman. Second basemen will cover second base on balls hit to the left side of the field, while the shortstop will cover second when the ball is hit to the right side. Second basemen are known for their fielding ability and quick hands, as they must field balls quickly on hits, especially double-play opportunities.

Second Base Rules

  • Base runners must pass second base before they can tag third base and attempt to run home.
  • Second base is 90 feet away from first base and third base.
  • If a base runner over runs second base, they may be tagged out by a defensive player.
  • A runner on second base is considered in “scoring position” for record-keeping purposes.
  • A batter-runner that makes it to second base on a hit is credited with a double.


What is second base in baseball?

As the name implies, second base is the second base that a base runner must advance to in order to score a run for their team. Second base is in between first base and third base in the sequential order that all base runners must follow to score a run, and it’s placed directly behind the pitcher’s mound.