Baseball Coaches' Box

Baseball Coaches Box

Baseball is a unique sport because it allows certain coaches to stand directly on the field during play. These coaches are called base coaches and they stand in the coaches’ boxes. Keep reading to learn how a coaches’ box works in baseball.

Coaches’ Box

The coach’s or coaches’ box in baseball is the area where the base coaches stand. There are two coaches’ boxes on a baseball field, one directly behind first base and the other behind third base.

Base Coaches

Base coaches watch the game as plays develop and make signals to the base runners, telling them whether to run to the next base or stay on the current one. Base coaches assist the manager, who has their area in the dugout where they manage the lineups and watch the game. Like other coaches, base coaches must wear a team uniform during games.

Coaches’ Box Dimensions

In baseball, the two coach’s boxes measure 20 feet long and between one and 10 feet wide, and are located exactly 70 feet from home plate. This places them directly alongside first and third base, which is where the two coaches who occupy the boxes (the first and third-base coaches) stand during a game.

Coaches’ Box Rules

  • There is a coaches’ box behind first base and third base.
  • The batting team must station a base coach in each coaches’ box during their batting halves of innings.
  • Base coaches must be wearing a team uniform and must stay in their coaches’ box.
  • The only time base coaches may leave the coaches’ box is to signal a runner to advance or stay. They must not interfere with play when making this signal.
  • If a base coach illegally leaves their coaches’ box and the opposing manager complains, the umpire will issue a warning.
  • If the base coach fails to return to their coaches’ box following an umpire’s warning, they will be ejected from the game.


What is the coaches’ box in baseball?

In baseball, the coaches’ box is an area behind first and third base where the base coaches stand. Teams are required to station a base coach in each coaches’ box when they are batting. The base coach tells runners whether to run or stay, helping them make good base running decisions.

Can you leave the coaches’ box?

You cannot leave the coaches’ box, except to signal a runner to advance or stay. Only base coaches are allowed to stand in the coaches’ box. When making this signal, you cannot interfere with play.

Where is the coaches’ box on a baseball field?

There are two coaches’ boxes on a baseball field, which are located next to the first and third bases. These boxes are located behind the foul lines, and are exactly 75 feet away from home plate.