Baseball Shifting

Not every at-bat is the same. Outfielders and infielders need to adjust their positioning on the field for every batter who comes into the batter's box.

In this tutorial, we will learn about shifting, what it is, and why fielders do it on the field.


Shifting is a technique used by infielders and outfielders on occasion. If they know that a batter tends to hit the baseball to a certain area, the fielders will move, or shift, their positions slightly toward that direction.

For example, if it is predicted that a certain batter will hit to left field, the first baseman would stand slightly more to the left of first base than he usually does, and same with all the other infielders and their bases. Or, if a batter is about to bunt, the infielders will shift closer to home plate.

Outfielders stand closer to a specific direction within their segment of the outfield.

Baseball Shifting