Baseball Socks

Baseball Socks

Baseball socks are an integral part of any baseball player’s on-field attire. Players most commonly use them to protect their legs while playing. There are different types available, such as stirrups and knee-high socks, and each provides specific benefits to players.

Benefits of Baseball Socks

Baseball socks are an important piece of equipment that is used when playing baseball. These socks help protect the players’ legs from rough terrain during the game and provide lower leg support while playing. Additionally, many of the socks manufactured are made to feature moisture-wicking properties, breathability, and cushioning to provide a comfortable feel for ballplayers.

Players wear baseball socks as a way to uphold tradition and obtain a wide variety of performance benefits. Baseball socks almost always match the team’s colors and are a small part of how baseball teams show unity and organization out on the diamond. Knee-high socks are the most common type of sock used, as they allow players to showcase their team’s colors and provide a sense of style out on the diamond.

Things to Consider

When looking for baseball socks, you'll want to consider the following:

  • What size socks do you need?
  • What length of socks do you prefer?
  • How much do you want to spend on baseball socks?
  • Do you need a specific color or design?

What Are You Looking For in Baseball Socks?

  • Comfort
  • Support
  • Matches Team Uniform
  • Affordability
  • Durability
  • Style


There are several types of baseball socks available, with each one providing different benefits and qualities for each player.


Baseball stirrups are a type of sock that is part of the traditional baseball uniform and are used to highlight the team’s colors, often worn over long socks. Stirrups are practical and keep players’ long socks in place while also acting as a safety measure to protect their legs from scrapes commonly caused by sliding while running the bases. These socks come in different colors, designs, and cuts, with prices typically running between $8 and $15. 


Knee-high baseball socks are a type of sock that can be worn by themselves or with stirrups over them. These socks offer protection from rough dirt basepaths when sliding, and are made of materials such as nylon, mesh, and cotton, to keep their feet dry during the sport.

Additionally, knee-high socks often feature cushioned footbeds and extra ankle padding to help protect players’ feet and ankles from impact with bases, and the general strain baseball motions can place on the lower body.

This cushioning can be especially helpful for catchers, who spend almost the entirety of their time on defense in a crouched position. Knee-high socks are typically priced between $10 and $20, and are worn for comfort and breathability to improve athletic performance.


One of the most important things to consider when buying baseball socks is to purchase the right size. Baseball socks need to be comfortable, but neither too baggy nor too tight. Loose socks can interfere with running, while tight socks can constrict blood flow and cause discomfort. Below is a table that breaks down the recommended size for men’s, women’s and youth socks based on shoe size or age.

Sock SizeMen’s Shoe SizeWomen’s Shoe SizeYouth Age
Small< 64-6Under 5 years old
Medium6-86-105-7 years old
Large8-1210-13Over 7 years old


There are a wide variety of brands that manufacture baseball socks. Adidas, Rawlings, and Twin City Knitting are a few of the most popular among players.


Adidas baseball socks are known to provide comfort and support when playing the sport. When running and touching bases, their durable and high-quality fabric with sweat-wicking technology keeps players’ feet dry. Additionally, the cushioning provides further support for players. Their products are popular among many because of their high-quality socks that come in various colors available at reasonable prices.


Typically known for their knee-high socks, Rawlings manufactures baseball socks with nylon construction to ensure high durability and comfort when playing the sport. The additional mesh creates breathability and keeps players’ feet cool, while the cushioned footbed and ankle support protection from various in-game impacts. Their reasonable price point for high-quality products makes the brand dependable.

Twin City Knitting

TCK baseball socks are favored among many top baseball players due to their high-performance breathable socks. Additionally, the socks have moisture control technology which keeps players’ feet dry and fends off blisters. The special yarn Twin City Knitting uses helps to control odors, while the cushioning helps support the players’ feet while playing. This brand produces highly durable and great quality socks for a cheap price, with various colors and sizes offered to meet any ballplayer’s needs.


How much do baseball socks cost?

The exact price point depends on the brand, quality, and materials that are used.The majority of baseball socks cost between $5 and $20. Cheaper pairs of socks by brands such as Champro and Mizuno typically cost less than $15 but can still be good quality and favored by many players. However, more expensive socks by brands like Twin City Knitting and Adidas usually cost between $15 to $20 for a high-quality and long-lasting pair. 

How do you clean baseball socks?

It is important to follow the brand-specific directions on the pair of socks you’re looking to wash, but the process usually involves machine washing them after wear. It is important to wash the socks inside out and shortly after being worn. Additionally, washing them on a cold water cycle will preserve the color and using an enzyme-heavy detergent will break down the sweat easily. Lastly, it is crucial to dry them properly and ensure they are fully dried before putting them away. 

How do you know what size baseball socks to get?

Baseball socks come in a variety of sizes for men, women, and children to choose from. While some brands have a slight variance in their sizing, most brands of baseball socks are sized relatively similarly. A good pair of baseball socks will be sized similarly to regular socks that you might wear with your normal shoes. However, asking someone knowledgeable about sporting socks can help you find the perfect size for your needs.