Baseball Third Baseman

The 3rd Baseman

The third baseman is the defensive player (specifically, an infielder) who is stationed at third base. The third baseman must have an especially strong throwing arm and must be good at catching ground balls and line drives. Since many outs are made at first base, the third baseman must be able to throw all the way across the infield to first base. The third baseman usually stands closer to the foul lines, so he can catch hard hit drives that attempt to stay fair.

Baseball third Baseman

3rd Baseman Responsibilities

As a third baseman, your responsibilities are the following:

Fielding Ground Balls

The third baseman often fields ground balls, which are baseballs hit fast and low to the ground so that they bounce. Since ground balls travel very quickly, it is important for infielders to get a hold of them quickly so they can throw the base runner out.

Double Plays

Like the second baseman, the third baseman also plays an important role in double plays and in throwing base runners out, since he does a lot of fielding.

baseball double play