Baseball Right Fielders

The Right Fielder

The right fielder is the defensive player (specifically, an outfielder) who is in charge of fielding baseballs that are hit into right field. He covers everything from shallow right field to the outfield fence, and from right-center field to outside the right foul line. Since his coverage is so large, right fielders must be fast runners (as do all outfielders). As a right fielder, your responsibilities are the following:

  • catch hit baseballs that enter right field
  • be able to throw the baseball to any basemen

Baseball Right Fielder

Right Fielder Physical Traits

Right fielders usually have the strongest throwing arms out of all the outfielders. By the time the baseball reaches the outfield, the base runner has usually made it past first base. Since right field is the farthest away from second base and third base, the right fielder has to make a very long throw from right field all the way to those bases. Even though less baseballs are hit to right field (since more batters are right handed and pull to the left), the throwing aspect makes right field slightly more difficult to play.