Baseball Base Coaches

Base Coaches

Base coaches are members of the coaching staff who stand on the field, in a designated box called the coach's box, near their assigned base, and help base runners make strategic decisions.

There are two base coaches per team: one near first base and one near third base called the first base coach and the third base coach respectively.

When a runner reaches their base safely, the base coach will often congratulate them on reaching the base, then discuss strategies for base running to fit the current situation and/or their skill set.

The base coach must stand within the coach's box at all times. However, this rule has commonly been broken by base coaches in Major League Baseball.

baseball base coach

Base Coach Rules

The coaches' boxes are positioned at first base and third base and are used for the team on offense. Acting as an extra set of eyes, coaches stand in the coaches' boxes to direct their players when to stay on base and when to run to the next base. The next batter's box or the on-deck circle in baseball terminology is for the batter to stand in and warm-up his swing waiting for his time at bat.

If a thrown ball accidentally touches a base coach, umpire, while remaining in play, the runner is called out if the base coach interferes with it.

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