Baseball Pants

Baseball Pants

Baseball pants are an essential part of every baseball uniform. Baseball pants are required for every game and come in many different styles. This item has been used for generations and has changed in style and material over time. Read on to learn all about baseball pants.

Benefits of Baseball Pants

Baseball has its own type of uniform which includes specially designed baseball pants. Each team will usually have a few different styles of pants that will match the color scheme of the rest of the uniform. Also, most players will be able to choose from whichever type of pants they want to wear. Baseball pants are often thick and will provide additional protection when sliding.

Not only do pants look good with the rest of the uniform, but they also provide safety benefits. Baseball pants will help protect a player’s legs from scrapes or burns when sliding on dirt. They will also provide some minor padding for if a player were to get stepped on with metal spikes. While baseball pants are a required piece of apparel for games, many players may choose not to wear them during practice and will instead go with shorts. However, this decision is dependent on what the agenda is for practice on any given day.

Things To Consider

When looking for baseball pants, you'll want to consider the following:

  • How much are you looking to spend on baseball pants?
  • What type of baseball pants do you want?
  • Is there a certain color of pants you need?
  • Do you need baseball pants for practice or games?


The different types of baseball pants include standard, knicker, piped, and pinstripe.


Baseball Pants Standard

The most commonly worn style of baseball pants today are known as standard pants. These pants have a relaxed fit that extends all the way to the ankles. Standard pants will usually provide the most comfort and flexibility to players. 


Baseball Pants Knicker

Knicker-style pants are considered to be the most traditional and original form of baseball pants. These pants will usually be looser than standard pants and will only extend to just below the knee. Knicker pants are designed to be used with long socks and will help keep players cool during hot weather.


Baseball Pants Piped

Piped baseball pants are a type of design that can be used for both standard and knicker pants. This design will feature a single color for the base of the pants with a single stripe down the sides. This design is more sleek looking than other types of baseball pants.


Baseball Pants Pinstripe

Pinstripes are another design commonly used for both standard and knicker baseball pants. This design also features a single color base, most commonly white or grey. Pinstripe pants will also have many colored thin stripes running vertically. These pants are considered to be the original or vintage style of baseball pants and are most widely known for their use within the New York Yankees home uniforms. 


The most popular brands that produce baseball pants are Nike, Mizuno, Rawlings, and Under Armour.


Nike is one of the largest sports equipment and apparel manufacturers in the world. They make a few different types of baseball pants, including both standard and knickers. Their pants will either be plain or piped and will come in either white, black, or gray.


Mizuno makes equipment and gear for a few different sports, including golf and baseball. They also make both standard and knicker-style pants. The base of their baseball pants will be either white, gray, or black and the piping is available in a few different colors. Mizuno makes both youth and adult sizes, and their pants vary in price. 


Rawlings mainly produces equipment and apparel for baseball but also has products relating to a few different sports. They make some official equipment for the MLB as well. Rawlings makes all four types of baseball pants and arguably has the largest selection of colors among any brand.

Under Armour

Under Armour is another major sportswear and equipment brand known for its high-quality products. They only make standard-style baseball pants, which are available either plain or piped. The base of their paints will be either gray or white and have a few different color options for the piping.


How much do baseball pants cost?

Baseball pants can vary widely in price. Some pants can be found for as low as $20, while others will cost upwards of $70. Youth-sized pants or ones made with cheaper materials are likely to be the cheapest pants.

What are baseball pants called?

Depending on the style, baseball pants are either called standard pants or knicker-style pants. The shorter, more traditional style of baseball pants are the knicker-style pants and they end typically right below the knee. Standard pants meanwhile go all the way to the ankle and are the most common style of baseball pants worn today.

How do you clean baseball pants?

Almost all baseball pants are machine washable. Baseball pants are made with similar materials as casual pants that can be thrown in the washing machine. Many pants can become stained from dirt or other debris, so make sure to check any specific instructions from the company before using any bleach or stain removers.