MLB Baseball Stadiums List A-Z

Below is a list of every MLB baseball stadium in the United States sorted alphabetically.

List of MLB Baseball Stadiums A To Z

List of baseball stadiums in alphabetical order:

  • American Family Field: Milwaukee Brewers
  • Angel Stadium: Los Angeles Angels
  • Busch Stadium: St. Louis Cardinals
  • Chase Field: Arizona Diamondbacks
  • Citi Field: New York Mets
  • Citizens Bank Park: Philadelphia Phillies
  • Comerica Park: Detroit Tigers
  • Coors Field: Colorado Rockies
  • Dodger Stadium: Los Angeles Dodgers
  • Fenway Park: Boston Red Sox
  • Globe Life Field: Texas Rangers
  • Great American Ball Park: Cincinnati Reds
  • Guaranteed Rate Field: Chicago White Sox
  • Kauffman Stadium: Kansas City Royals
  • LoanDepot Park: Miami Marlins
  • Minute Maid Park: Houston Astros
  • Nationals Park: Washington Nationals
  • Oracle Park: San Francisco Giants
  • Oriole Park at Camden Yards: Baltimore Orioles
  • Petco Park: San Diego Padres
  • PNC Park: Pittsburgh Pirates
  • Progressive Field: Cleveland Indians
  • RingCentral Coliseum: Oakland Athletics
  • Rogers Centre: Toronto Blue Jays
  • T-Mobile Park: Seattle Mariners
  • Target Field: Minnesota Twins
  • Tropicana Field: Tampa Bay Rays
  • Truist Park: Atlanta Braves
  • Wrigley Field: Chicago Cubs
  • Yankee Stadium: New York Yankees

List of MLB Teams and Their Stadiums A To Z

List of baseball teams and their stadiums in alphabetical order:

  • Arizona Diamondbacks: Chase Field
  • Atlanta Braves: Truist Park
  • Baltimore Orioles: Oriole Park at Camden Yards
  • Boston Red Sox: Fenway Park
  • Chicago Cubs: Wrigley Field
  • Chicago White Sox: Guaranteed Rate Field
  • Cincinnati Reds: Great American Ball Park
  • Cleveland Indians: Progressive Field
  • Colorado Rockies: Coors Field
  • Detroit Tigers: Comerica Park
  • Houston Astros: Minute Maid Park
  • Kansas City Royals: Kauffman Stadium
  • Los Angeles Angels: Angel Stadium of Anaheim
  • Los Angeles Dodgers: Dodger Stadium
  • Miami Marlins: LoanDepot Park
  • Milwaukee Brewers: American Family Field
  • Minnesota Twins: Target Field
  • New York Mets: Citi Field
  • New York Yankees: Yankee Stadium
  • Oakland Athletics: RingCentral Coliseum
  • Philadelphia Phillies: Citizens Bank Park
  • Pittsburgh Pirates: PNC Park
  • San Diego Padres: Petco Park
  • San Francisco Giants: Oracle Park
  • Seattle Mariners: T-Mobile Park
  • St. Louis Cardinals: Busch Stadium
  • Tampa Bay Rays: Tropicana Field
  • Texas Rangers: Globe Life Field
  • Toronto Blue Jays: Rogers Centre
  • Washington Nationals: Nationals Park

1. PNC Park

  • Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • Team: Pittsburgh Pirates

PNC Park is in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and is the home of the Pittsburgh Pirates. This stadium was built and opened in 2001 and holds a capacity of 38,000 people. The city of Pittsburgh's skyline can be seen from the stands making it one of the most visually impressive stadiums to MLB fans. This stadium is known for making its visitors feel that they are still a part of the Pittsburgh city due to its modern architecture.

2. Wrigley Field

  • Location: Chicago, Illinois
  • Team: Chicago Cubs

Wrigley Field was built in 1914 and is the second oldest baseball stadium in MLB history. Home of the Chicago Cubs, this field offers something for everyone. There is up close seating for die hard fans, and outfield seating for more laidback fans. At its core, baseball is about the sport and its fans, Wrigley field provides an amazing experience for its fans.


3. Fenway Park

  • Location: Boston Massachusetts
  • Team: Boston Red Sox

Built in 1914, Fenway Park, home to the Boston Red Sox is the oldest stadium in MLB history and although players have come and gone since then, the stadium itself has stayed the same. The vintage feeling of this park has kept fans coming back for over a century. Fenway park has kept the tradition and passion for baseball alive for many years and for many years to come.

4. Target Field

  • Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Team: Minnesota Twins

Target Field, home to the Minnesota twins, opened in 2010 and although it is new, it is known for the constant upgrades it has gotten and for its focus on the more social aspect of baseball. Many areas within the stadium provide a more group centered aspect for communal seating rather than the typical linear seating in most stadiums. There are also various restaurants which allow fans to watch games from the comfort of inside rather than sitting outdoors.


5. Oriole Park at Camden Yards

  • Location: Baltimore, Maryland
  • Team: Baltimore Orioles

Oriole Park at Camden Yards, also known as simply Camden Yards, is home to the Baltimore Orioles and is known as one of the “Retro Parks” because it was built between the 1990s and 2000s. This park holds over 45,000 people and opened officially in the spring of 1992. The legendary Babe Ruth played here and is remembered by a statue which can be seen by any visiting fans. Visitors also commend the stadium because of the various and fantastic food choices offered here.

6. Oracle Park

  • Location: San Francisco, California
  • Team: San Francisco Giants

The views from Oracle Park, home to the San Francisco Giants, showcase the incredible Bay that San Francisco is known for. Walking around the stadium and admiring the overall view from the stadium have helped make it a fan favorite. Visitors also appreciate how easily accessible the park is from any form of transport such as car, train, bus, bike, boat, and ride sharing apps. This park also was the originator of the famous garlic fries which have spread throughout MLB.


7. Dodger Stadium

  • Location: Los Angeles, California
  • Team: Los Angeles Dodgers

Dodger Stadium, home to the Los Angeles Dodgers,  is the last mid-century baseball stadium left in MLB. It was built in 1962 and at the time was one of the most modern stadiums in MLB history. Over time this stadium has been updated with more modern features for its concession stands and fan populated areas. This stadium is also known for its world famous “dodger dog” which has been acknowledged by fans as the best hot dog in the MLB world.

8. Truist Park

  • Location: Atlanta Georgia
  • Team: Atlanta Braves

Truist Park, home to the Atlanta Braves, defied all odds when it was built in the middle of a busy suburban county. This stadium has created a complete venue next to an entertainment district where fans could never be bored before or after the game. The Braves secured an entertainment venue, the Battery, which has changed sporting pastime. Overall, an experience has been created for fans where they are no longer unsure of what to do before the game.


9. Citi Field

  • Location: Queens, New York
  • Team: New York Mets

Built in 2009 and home of the New York Mets, Citi Field is known for hosting a popular baseball team along with food selections. Recently the stadium has added a brewery along with “trendier” food options such as edible cookie dough for fans. There are references to the famous alumni player Jackie Robinson throughout the stadium. This newer stadium is a complete 180 transformation from the previous Shea stadium.

10. Petco Park

  • Location: San Diego, California
  • Team: San Diego Padres

Petco Park, home to the San Diego Padres, offers amazing views of the San Diego area, along with great food and beverages options at great prices. This stadium also has multiple areas for kids to play and enjoy themselves along with social areas for adults while their kids play their hearts out. Petco Park is also within walking distance of multiple hotels and parking garages giving easy access to everyone visiting.


11. Yankee Stadium

  • Location: Bronx, New York
  • Team: New York Yankees

Yankee Stadium is home to the New York Yankees. Originally it was criticized by many for seeming too “cold” to visitors, but the stadium brought in higher value concessions for the fans, more social spaces, and accessible USB ports. The acknowledgement of the importance of technology today to fans is one of the reasons why Yankee Stadium is so well liked. Fans should be the number one priority of every MLB stadium and Yankee stadium does a fantastic job accommodating visitors.

12. Great American Ball Park

  • Location: Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Team: Cincinnati Reds

The Great American Ball Park opened in 2002 and holds a capacity of 42,000 people. This stadium dedicates a large portion to the history of its residing baseball team, the Cincinnati Reds, and has an adjoining history museum attached to it. Including the past of any baseball team is important because it helps show the growth, strength, and competitiveness of the team and fans. There is also a sun deck, a part of the stadium which is great for fans looking for some extra space.


13. Kauffman Stadium

  • Location: Kansas City, Kansas
  • Team: Kansas City Royals

Also known as “The K,” Kauffman stadium, home to the Kansas City Royals, has maintained its look to be dedicated to Kansas city. Opening in 1973, this stadium has received major upgrades in 2009, such as an expanded fountain area in the outfield which is something Kansas city “the city of fountains” is known for. The K also sells local foods within their concession area and also has an area that highlights Black baseball players throughout history.

14. Coors Field

  • Location: Denver, Colorado
  • Team: Colorado Rockies

This field has helped transform the Lo-Do district in Denver, Colorado where it resides. The district is now a booming entertainment and business area which allows visitors to keep themselves occupied before and after the game. Coors Field, home to the Colorado Rockies,  was opened in 1995 with a maximum capacity of 50,000 people. This field has also earned a reputation of a “hitters park” due to the higher elevation, so the outfield fences were positioned further away from the home plate.


15. Comerica Park

  • Location: Detroit, Michigan
  • Team: Detroit Tigers

Home of the Detroit Tigers since 2010, Comerica Park provides a retro feel along with a huge homage to the team's past history in the MLB world. Tigers meet incoming visitors at the front of the gate which get fans riled up for the upcoming game. At this stadium you can also ride the Fly Ball Ferris Wheel Ride and the Comerica Carousel which has 30 hand painted tigers on it.

16. Citizens Bank Park

  • Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Team: Philadelphia Phillies

Citizens Bank Park, home to the Philadelphia Phillies, acknowledges that baseball is a leisure activity and a slow-paced game. The park utilizes social spaces for children who may become bored during the game, along with optimal “selfie spots” such as a 19-foot-tall liberty bell. This stadium was also one of the first to recognize the importance of higher quality restaurants for fans and visitors that want to dine while attending a game.


17. Progressive Field

  • Location: Cleveland, Ohio
  • Team: Cleveland Indians

Progressive Field, home to the Cleveland Indians, was built in 1994 and in recent years has gotten quite a few upgrades. Suites, new restaurants and bars, and overall a new modern feeling has been added to the stadium. Upgrades to social aspects were the main focus of the renovations along with a revamped kids zone and sensory room. Integrating a family section into the stadium highlights how baseball can be a fun activity for the whole family, and the Progressive stadium does a good job of that.

18. T-Mobile Park

  • Location: Seattle Washington
  • Team: Seattle Mariners

T-Mobile Park is home to the Seattle Mariners. Although this stadium has been around for quite some time now, a new branding deal has completely changed what once was the Safeco Field. T-Mobile has crafted a smooth brand integration into this park, along with new food and drink choices as well for visitors. Although the stadium itself has stayed relatively the same, a history museum has been added that showcases the Mariner’s past.


19. Angel Stadium

  • Location: Anaheim, California
  • Team: Los Angeles Angels

Home to the Los Angeles Angels, Angel Stadium was built in 1966 and has seen little to no renovations since then. Walt Disney World Company did have control over the board, which added some fun Disney-esque additions to the park, including “The Big A” which was considered a Southern California landmark to those visiting.

20. LoanDepot Park

  • Location: Miami, Florida
  • Team: Miami Marlins

LoanDepot Park in Miami Florida is home to the Miami Marlins. Although this park was built less than 8 years ago, Marlins park is already going under major renovations in 2020. Owners Bruce Sherman and Derrik Jeter have taken steps to update the stadium by moving the iconic colorful home run sculpture, Homer, to create more social space for those visiting. This sculpture will be moved outside of the park, which will make for a great photo-op area for anyone interested. Other changes include, more social spaces to come, new concession stands, and renewed lounge spaces.


21. American Family Field

  • Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • Team: Milwaukee Brewers

Milwaukee, Wisconsin’s American Family Field is home to the Milwaukee Brewers. This stadium provides the “Wisconsin experience” for any visitors coming to check out the team. This park also features a retractable roof which helps bring in an indoor/outdoor feeling for those below freezing temperatures. While some say the roof interferes with the typical baseball game feeling, others say it makes the weather more tolerable.

22. Busch Stadium

  • Location: St. Louis, Missouri
  • Team: St. Louis Cardinals

Busch stadium, home to the St. Louis Cardinals, opened in 2006 with a capacity of 46,000 visitors. Recently the Cardinals have added The Budweiser Terrace, a new entertainment and social space area for visitors. In addition, this terrace offers two full-service bars, lounge seating, social standing areas, and cabana type seating for those looking for a more vacation feel experience.


23. Guaranteed Rate Field

  • Location: Chicago, Illinois
  • Team: White Sox

Guaranteed Rate Field is home to the White Sox. It recently has gotten upgrades to its social spaces and beer available to visitors, which has helped raise the comfort of the overall stadium. An additional sponsored seating area, created by Goose Island Beer company, was created.

24. Minute Maid Park

  • Location: Houston, Texas
  • Team: Houston Astros

Minute Maid Park, home to the Houston Astros, is unique and special to visitors because it is one of seven stadiums with a retractable roof. Texas is known for its killer heat and a retractable roof helps protect the players and visitors on days when the sun is beating down on them. This park is also very wide on the inside giving visitors enough space when they are feeling a bit overheated in the Texas weather. With a capacity of 42,000, Minute Maid Park has covered all of mother nature's possibilities.


25. Globe Life Field


  • Location: Arlington, Texas
  • Team: Texas Rangers

Another stadium in Texas, Globe Life Park was built in 2020. The home of the Texas Rangers features a retractable roof, along with artificial turf for the infield/outfield grass. The team decided to build a roof due to fan experience being tainted by weather. Globe Life Field holds  40,300 fans.

26. Chase Field

  • Location: Phoenix, Arizona
  • Team: Arizona Diamondbacks

Chase Field is where the Arizona Diamondbacks play. It offers the cheapest food and beverage options in MLB, but that does not have any effect on the quality of the food itself. It is well known for its swimming pool and retractable roof.


27. Nationals Park

  • Location: Washington D.C.
  • Team: Washington Nationals

Nationals Park, home to the Washington Nationals, opened in 2008 and provides a great spot for visitors, fans, and locals to socialize together without completely focusing on the game at hand. This stadium helped create the name of the “Ballpark district”, which is a part of DC’s fastest growing neighborhoods. This stadium also has incredible sights and is on the waterfront. The Nationals park has provided a great space for people to go when visiting our nation’s capital.

28. RingCentral Coliseum

  • Location: Oakland, California
  • Team: Oakland Athletics

Visiting the RingCentral Coliseum guarantees one thing, that you will need to bring a pair of binoculars with you because of how far away your seats are from the field. The home of the Oakland athletics has created an expansive foul ball territory, it makes it very difficult to get up close and personal to the game, taking away some magic from the experience. However, this stadium does offer good food and beverages making it an overall positive experience.


29. Rogers Center

  • Location: Toronto, Canada
  • Team: Toronto Blue Jays

Home to the Toronto Blue Jays, Rogers Center is another stadium that offers fans a retractable roof, but this isn’t because of the heat, instead it’s for the brutal winters that Canada endures every year. This stadium also still gives off the feeling of when it was built in 1989, the experience you get at Rogers center is of classic baseball. The food and beverage options have recently been upgraded.

30. Tropicana Field

  • Location: St Petersburg Florida
  • Team: Tampa Bay Rays

The Tampa Bay Rays belong to Tropicana Field. Commonly known as “The Trop,” Tropicana Field has done many admirable things in its time as a part of the MLB world. For example, this stadium has always had a large focus on social spaces before others did. It contains many fan amenities and features that cannot be found anywhere else in the MLB, including being the only stadium with a fixed roof.



What MLB team has the nicest stadium?

It is difficult to say which MLB stadium is the nicest, due to the fact that many fans have their own opinions and biases. Throughout various polls, fans seem to favor PNC Park in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This is not only due to the amazing view of the city from the stands, but also because of the timeless design and the incredible viewpoints from any seat in the stadium. This park offers family fun with breathtaking sights all in one night.

What is the biggest stadium in MLB?

The largest Major League Baseball stadium is Dodger Stadium located in Los Angeles, California, home of the Los Angeles Dodgers. This stadium was built in 1962, cost $190 million to build, and has a maximum capacity of 56,000. This stadium is also the third oldest stadium in MLB history. The stadium does not have a roof over it, the field is grass, and it is classified as a modern stadium.

What baseball stadiums have roofs?

There are currently eight MLB stadiums that are covered by a roof as of 2023. Chase Field (Arizona Diamondbacks), LoanDepot Park (Miami Marlins), American Family Field (Milwaukee Brewers), Minute Maid Park (Houston Astros), Rogers Centre (Toronto Blue Jays), and T-Mobile Park (Seattle Mariners) are all stadiums with retractable roofs. Additionally, Tropicana Field (Tampa Bay Rays) has a fixed roof.