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Manny Machado

Manny Machado is a professional baseball player and the third baseman for the San Diego Padres of the MLB. The ballplayer was raised in Hialeah, Florida, by his mother. Machado grew up as a Marlins fan and was eventually selected as the third overall pick in the 2010 MLB draft. Machado quickly broke the major leagues with the Baltimore Orioles and was named an All-Star in just his second season. 

The two-time gold glove winner was a rising star at third base during the early 2010s. After being traded to the Dodgers at the 2018 trade deadline, Machado entered free agency. The San Diego Padres awarded the slugger the largest free agent contract in history at the time, a 10-year 300 million dollar agreement. Machado finished second in the MVP voting as recently as 2022. In general, who is Manny Machado? What happened in his life before being a professional baseball player? What has he accomplished during his MLB career?

  • Birthdate: July 6, 1992
  • Education: Brito Miami Private School in Miami Florida
  • Net Worth: $50 million
  • Occupation: Professional Baseball Player
  • Height: 6’3” (190cm)
  • Weight: 218 lbs (98 kg)
  • Position: Third Baseman and Shortstop
  • Years Active: 11 years
  • Teams: San Diego Padres, Los Angeles Dodgers, Baltimore Orioles, Dominican Republic National Baseball Team
  • Jersey Number: 13

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Net Worth

Manny Machado’s net worth is estimated at roughly $50 million. The Padre has signed multiple long-term contracts throughout his baseball career. Through his first eleven major league seasons, Machado has earned over $140 million. The third baseman is set to bring in around $23 million for the 2023 season. Machado is currently signed through the 2033 season with San Diego. The baseball player also holds endorsement deals with many companies, including Callaway, Budweiser, Petco, and Essentia Water.


Manny Machado was drafted with the third overall pick in the 2010 MLB draft by the Baltimore Orioles. The third baseman made his debut in the majors in 2012. Machado made his first All-Star appearance in 2013 as he had 51 doubles, 14 homers, and 71 RBIs. The gold glover finished fourth in the American League MVP voting in 2015 as he broke out with 35 HRs and 86 runs batted in.

Machado was traded from Baltimore at the 2018 trade deadline as he was expected to test free agency in the offseason. After a quick stint with the Dodgers, the third basemen signed with the San Diego Padres that offseason. Machado made the All-Star game in 2021 and 2022 with the franchise. Over his 11-year career, the six-time All-Star has accumulated 1,597 hits, 283 home runs, 853 RBIs, and has a .282 batting average.

Titles and Awards

Manny Machado is a six-time All-Star, a two-time Gold Glove winner, a Platinum Glove winner, and a Silver Slugger. Machado went to four All-Star Games with the Orioles and another two with the Padres. His Gold-Glove Awards came in 2013 and 2015. Machado also earned the Platinum Glove in 2013 for the best defensive player. The third baseman was awarded his one and only Silver Slugger Award in 2020 with San Diego. Machado was named to the All-MLB First Team twice as well.

The hitter also has many statistical achievements. Machado led the league with 51 doubles in 2013 and also played in the most games in 2015. The slugger has five top-ten finishes in hits, and three top-ten finishes in runs, homers, and RBIs. In general, Machado had five seasons where he finished top-ten in MVP voting and has been one of the best players in the MLB during his career.

Personal Life

Manny Machado was born on July 6, 1992, in Miami, Florida. He grew up in Hialeah, Florida, a few miles northwest of downtown Miami. He was raised primarily by his mother, with the help of his grandfather and uncle. Machado came from a family of Dominican descent, hence why he plays for the Dominican National Team in the World Baseball Classic

The youngster began playing baseball at the age of three and rooted for his hometown Marlins. Machado grew up playing baseball in Hialeah alongside another future MLB player, Albert Almora. Machado attended Brito Miami Private School where he hit .639 during his senior-year season. The slugger was scouted early in his life, and he was later drafted out of high school in the 2010 MLB draft as the third overall pick. Machado was still just 17 when he was drafted by the Orioles. The ballplayer has been married to Yainee Alonso since 2014.

Fun Facts

  • Manny Machado and Albert Almora were both first-round draft picks from Hialeah, Florida. The two players grew up playing baseball with each other and hold a close bond.
  • Machado is the brother-in-law of former MLB All-Star Yonder Alonso.
  • Machado and Yainee Alonso have been married since 2014.
  • Machado played for the (U18) United States National Baseball Team in 2009. 
  • For the 2023 World Baseball Classic, the Florida native chose to play for the Dominican Republic in order to represent his Dominican ancestry.
  • The third baseman made his major league debut just after his 20th birthday. He went 2-4 in a game against the Royals on August 9, 2012.
  • In February 2019, Machado was given the largest contract in free agent history at the time. The All-Star and the Padres agreed to a ten-year, $300 million contract.
  • Machado has since signed an extension to keep him in San Diego through the 2033 season.


Who Is Manny Machado?

Manny Machado is a professional baseball player and current third baseman for the San Diego Padres. The Florida native was drafted with the third overall pick in the 2010 MLB draft. The six-time All-Star has played for three teams during his career. Machado has claimed many awards during his eleven-year career in the MLB. He also holds one of the largest contracts in the history of the sport that will keep him with the Padres for years to come.