List of Baseball Skills

List of Baseball Skills

Baseball is considered to be America's pastime. It is a sport that comes with a lot of history, and it also requires a lot of different skills. If somebody wants to find success on the baseball field, it is important they have the following skills. Developing these skills takes a lot of training, but it is detrimental to a player's success on the field.

Offensive Skills

Hitting: Hitting is a skill that does not come easy to a lot of different people. It is probably the most difficult skill for a player to learn. To be a consistently good hitter takes timing, hand-eye coordination, and confidence. It also takes strength in order to be able to hit the ball hard. Hitters need to be balanced when standing at the plate so they can drive their hands through their ball with strength and momentum behind the swing.

Baserunning: This is a skill that not all will develop to become elite at. However, through hard work and dedication, it is a skill that can be improved. Players who are fast and good base runners can be extremely valuable to their team. A common misconception is that having speed alone will make a good baserunner. However, having knowledge of understanding the route in which you are running, the game situation, and the arm strength of opposing players are extremely important and good skills to have even if you are not a fast player.

Defensive Skills

Fielding: A good fielder has speed, agility, and great hand eye coordination. A fielder also must have great instincts, and have great reaction time on knowing exactly what to do when the ball is hit to him. Fielders play in the infield or the outfield, and each position requires a different set of skills and knowledge in order to find success.

Throwing: Arm strength is another extremely important skill for players to have. If a fielder does not have a strong arm, then it doesn't matter how good he is at shagging fly balls or fielding grounders. A good fielder needs to have a strong arm, and also good accuracy for where he is throwing the ball.

Pitching Skills

Velocity: Similar to fielders, an important skill for a pitcher to have is arm strength. The harder a pitcher throws, the more likely he can get away with missing his location, as he can rely on overpowering the pitcher. If a pitcher throws a "mistake pitch" down the middle, he is a lot more likely to get the batter out if he throws harder.

Command: A fast pitch can only go so far for a pitcher, as even the best of hitters can hit high velocity pitches. A pitcher needs to work on making sure he throws the ball exactly where the catcher wants it, so it will be tough for the pitcher to hit. If the pitcher is able to throw breaking balls, he must make sure that it breaks properly, and not over the plate for the hitter to crush it.