Baseball Hitter's Count

A hitter's count in baseball is an at-bat where the batter has more balls than strikes allowing a batter to assume that the pitcher must throw the baseball in the strike zone.

Hitter's Count

A hitter's count refers to a situation where there are at least two more balls than strikes in the count. A typical hitter's count is a 3-1 count. These counts favor the batter because they encourage the pitcher to throw within the strike zone in order to avoid throwing a ball and walking the batter. Remember that pitches thrown in the strike zone are easier for a batter to hit. Also, the low strike count gives batters room to be more picky with the pitches they choose to swing at. If they receive a pitch that they do not want to hit, they can let it pass, without the risk of striking out, and see if the next pitch is more hittable.

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