How Much Does An MLB Bat Boy Make?

How Much Does An MLB Bat Boy Make

Bat boys in baseball are an unknown yet important part of the MLB. With that in mind, how much do these integral people get paid? The bat boy is the person that takes care of bats and other equipment that are used by the players. On average, bat boys earn around $9 or $10 an hour. The typical workday for a bat boy is around eight or nine hours long. Bat boys also only work for the 81 home games a year for each team, making the away team’s bat boy an employee of the home team.

Duties of Bat Boys

Bay boys have several responsibilities. They essentially act as assistants on the field and in the clubhouse. Bat boys arrive at the stadium in time for batting practice before the game. This is usually two or three hours in advance of the first pitch. Prior to the game, bat boys make sure that everything is in place. They stock the dugouts with water, towels, gum, and whatever else the players need for the game. During the game, bat boys are responsible for a few things. They shag foul balls, replace broken bats or other broken equipment, gather equipment from the players, help out the players if needed, keep the dugout organized, and more. After the game, ball boys clean up the dugouts and bullpens, and make sure everything is put away. Once in the clubhouse, they may be responsible for laundry, restocking the refrigerator, taking out the garbage, and helping out with whatever tasks might be needed. 

How Much Do Bat Boys Get Paid?

Although bat boys are integral to baseball organizations, they do not receive a large salary. On average, bat boys earn around $9 or $10 per hour. This may not seem like much, but most bat boys are on the younger side. There is usually a minimum age requirement, but most bat boys are of high-school or college-age, with a few exceptions. Bat boys usually have eight or nine-hour days, and they work as a part of the organization. This means that both the home and away bat boys are employed by the home team, and they do not travel with the ballclub. There is no public record of how much bat boys officially make per MLB season. One can calculate though that bat boys earn roughly $5,800 to $7,300 each season.


How to Become a Bat Boy

The process of making money as a bat boy for the MLB is relatively straightforward. There are 60 positions throughout Major League Baseball. The first step involves getting in contact with whatever MLB team or affiliate and looking to see what criteria are needed. Some teams have different requirements than others. For example, the Atlanta Braves require bat boys to be at least 14 years old. Other teams may require bat boys to be at least 18. The position also requires applicants to be in good shape and to have extensive knowledge of baseball. Most teams hire bat boys during the offseason.


How much do MLB bat boys make on average?

On average, bat boys earn around $9 or $10 per hour. Although the salary and requirements vary for each team, bat boys are one of the lower positions on a baseball team’s payroll. Although there is no public record of how much they make over a full year, it can be estimated that bat boys make between $5,800 to $7,300 on average. Teams have two bat boys work long days during their 81 home games.

Do MLB bat boys have a base salary?

Bat boys are paid hourly, earning about $9 or $10 per hour on average. MLB bat boys do not have set hours that they work. They arrive at the ballpark a few hours before game time and are required to stay through the game as well as afterward. This usually equates to roughly eight hours of time, barring extra innings. Bat boys work the 81 home games each year for their respective ball clubs.