How Much Does A Baseball Coach Make?

How Much Does A Baseball Coach Make

Coaching at any level of baseball requires a well-rounded knowledge of the game. With that said, how much baseball coaches make is not common knowledge. So, how much do baseball coaches make? Below, we will take a look at common salaries for youth, college, and professional baseball coaches.

Average Baseball Coach Salary

According to recent data, and judging across all levels of the sport, the average baseball coaching salary comes out to $38,797 a year. Dave Roberts was the highest-paid manager in MLB for 2022, making roughly $6.5 million. Not all coaches in the major leagues earn the same pay, however, as there are different coaching positions that help out the team. Top collegiate coaches can get paid very well, exceeding the overall average for the position. Youth coaches also vary in terms of their salaries. Although not all coaching salary data is public knowledge, the salaries of each type of coach can be figured out based on certain key examples.

Youth Baseball Coach Salary

Youth coaches make up a large percentage of baseball coaching jobs. Estimations show that 85% of youth coaches are parents of kids on the team. That slots these local and Little League coaches in as “volunteers,” who very rarely receive any sort of payment.

Travel baseball (a youth sport where baseball teams travel to play competitively) is where coaches typically get paid to lead a team. These coaches dedicate a large amount of time to their teams, and get paid subsequently. Travel baseball coaches, on average, earn about $50,926 per year. These coaches typically work part-time and have other jobs during the year as well.

College Baseball Coach Salary

Collegiate baseball coaches take a step up from the youth level, both in intensity and in pay. The average head coach for the top five conferences on the college baseball level earns around $630,000 per year. Unlike youth coaches, collegiate coaches work throughout the year with their programs. The highest-paid college coach is Vanderbilt’s Tim Corbin, who makes $1.67 million annually. Ole Miss’s Mike Bianco sits close in second with $1.625 per season. The SEC leads all conferences in terms of paying their coaches, followed by the Big 12 and the ACC. Many of the recent coaches to win the College Baseball World Series have all made at least $400,000.

Professional Baseball Coach Salary

Coaches for Major League Baseball get paid top dollar for their work. Each team has a manager and many coaches underneath them. Each MLB team has a bench coach, a first base coach, a third base coach, a hitting coach, a pitching coach, and a bullpen coach. Most teams also have trainers, strength and conditioning coaches, and assistants to help as well.

Managers make the most money out of any coach. Dave Roberts of the Dodgers made more than any other manager in 2022, bringing in $6.5 million. Terry Francona of the Guardians and Bob Melvin of the Padres were second and third-highest in earnings, making $4.2 million and $4 million, respectively. In 2018, the average MLB manager made $1.3 million.

The rest of the coaching staff for MLB teams do not earn the same kind of salary as managers, but they can still earn a six-figure salary. Although income varies by position, professional baseball coaches generally collect $150,000 to $250,000 per year. Pitching coaches can earn up to $350,000, while hitting coaches, at times, can have annual salaries high in the six figures.


How much do baseball coaches make on average?

The average baseball coaching salary comes out to $38,797 a year. Baseball coaches , however, make different salaries based on the level they coach. MLB managers make $1.3 million per year on average. Other MLB coaches earn roughly $200,000 annually, although it depends on the specific position. College coaches earn roughly $630,000 each year. Although most youth coaches are volunteers, travel youth coaches make $50,926 a year. 

Is being a baseball coach a good career?

In terms of salary, many youth coaches have other jobs that provide their salaries, meaning that coaching at this level is often not a true career. College baseball coaches, however, earn a large amount of money per year, depending on the prestige of their school. Professional coaches, although the best of the best, are paid quite handsomely. There is a large range in terms of coaching salaries, but the average baseball coach earns $38,797. Youth coaches are mostly volunteers, while top coaches earn six and seven figures. That makes the job worth it, depending on what a person is looking for, though it should be noted that it is very hard to become a college or pro coach.