How Much Do MLB Season Tickets Cost?

How Much Do MLB Season Tickets Cost

Baseball is America's pastime. Over the past few decades, baseball's popularity has been slowly decreasing due to the slow nature of the game, though over the past few years, superstars such as Fernando Tatis Jr. and Aaron Judge have brought the fans back to baseball. With increasing attendance levels, fans who attend multiple games in a season are left with the dilemma of whether or not to purchase season tickets for their team. Keep reading to find out more about the cost of MLB season tickets.

MLB Season Tickets

MLB season tickets can be pricey, but for die-hard fans, it is an easy investment. With packages ranging from access to a quarter of all home games to access to all home games, season ticket holders can choose the right package for themselves based on how many games they plan on attending. Before deciding on what package is right for you, it is important to look at the team's member policies, paying special attention to things such as exchange policies and perks. Perks include early access to big game tickets, Members Only entrances, discounts on team gear and concessions, and more.

Average Cost for MLB Season Tickets

MLB season ticket prices vary by team and team and performance. Typically when a team is performing, and their attendance levels are high, season ticket prices will be high, with the same applying to the opposite. On average, you can expect to pay around $4,473 for season tickets and $657 for partial season tickets.

Most Expensive MLB Season Tickets

The most expensive MLB season tickets belong to the organizations with the largest fan bases. These teams are typically known to be good performers as well. For example, the New York Yankees have the most expensive season ticket prices as of right now, with prices ranging between $3,321 to $17,010 depending on the location of the seats and package chosen.

Least Expensive MLB Season Tickets

The least expensive MLB season tickets typically belong to the organizations which struggle to fill their seats. Due to poor performance, low budgets, or small fan bases, the demand for season tickets for some teams can be very low, making the prices for season ticket packages more affordable. While prices vary by team and by year, for an underperforming team, one can expect to pay anywhere from a few hundred dollars for partial-season ticket packages, to a few thousand dollars for full-season home game access.

Types of MLB Season Ticket Packages

There are a few types of MLB season ticket packages. Buying season tickets is a huge commitment. Season ticket holders have access to all regular season home games. With 162 games in a regular season, season ticket holders are assigned seats to all 81 home games.

While many die-hard MLB fans dream of one day becoming season ticket holders to their favorite teams, most working adults are unable to attend 81 baseball games in a single season. For this reason, MLB teams typically offer a few different types of season ticket packages. These packages usually include all home games, half of all home games, or a quarter of all home games, while some teams offer miniature plans such as a five-game package.


Do season tickets include the MLB playoffs?

Typically, season tickets do not include the MLB playoffs. Depending on the package, most season ticket holders may, however, receive early access to purchasing playoff tickets and are able to claim their spot at the big games before anyone else. The same applies to opening day. Members with packages that do not include opening day will have early access to ticket sales.

Are MLB season tickets worth it?

Season tickets can definitely be worth it, but in order to make the most of any MLB season ticket package, the majority of the games purchased must be attended. Most team packages typically offer an exchange program as well, where a guest is able to exchange the tickets for a game that they are unable to attend for tickets to a different game. Season tickets can definitely be worth it, but only if you plan on attending most of the games purchased.

How long is the MLB season?

The current Major League Baseball schedule is 162 games, with a four round playoff bracket consisting of a one game wild card, followed by a best of five series, and two seven-game series to determine the pennant winners and World Series Champion. The season begins at the start of April and concludes in early October, with the postseason continuing until November.