How Much Do MLB Home Run Derby Tickets Cost?

How Much Do MLB Home Run Derby Tickets Cost

When All-Star Weekend in Major League Baseball comes around, one of the events for fans to enjoy is the Home Run Derby. Hitters from around the league go head-to-head in hitting home runs to determine who has the most power. Fans attend this event, and tickets all around the stadium vary in price.

Outfield Seats

Baseball Outfield Seats

Outfield seats tend to be some of the most expensive seats at the Home Run Derby mainly because it gives fans the greatest spot to catch a home run ball. For secondary markets, meaning not from Major League Baseball or specific teams but from sites where tickets are resold, tickets in the outfield for the 2023 Home Run Derby are between $1,500 and $2,500.

This was a significant increase from 2022, when outfield tickets on the secondary market were around $700. Tickets in center field tend to be the most expensive in the outfield for 2023, nearing $2,500. However, due to the high number of home runs hit at this event, many fans move around to try and catch home run balls rather than stay in their seats.

Behind Home Plate

Baseball Behind Home Plate

While sitting in the outfield provides fans the best opportunity to go home with a home run ball, sitting behind home plate gives fans a closer and clearer perspective of the actual hitters. Since this is the case, seats behind home plate at field level for the Home Run Derby have the highest price tag.

For the 2023 Home Run Derby in Seattle, tickets directly behind home plate are around $4,500, with the level directly behind it being around $3,000. While this is a significant difference, the $4,500 ticket is directly behind the batter and at field level. As the levels increase, the price of the ticket decreases. The highest level behind home plate at the 2023 Home Run Derby has seats for around $700.

Down the Baselines

Baseball Down The Baselines

The seats down the baselines give fans an in-between angle of all of the action of the Home Run Derby. The seats are not as close to the action as the seats behind home plate, yet they are not in a position to catch one of the home run balls.

Tickets down the baselines for the Home Run Derby have a massive range in price. For the 2023 Home Run Derby, the tickets closer to home plate and lower in level, on either baseline, are anywhere from $1,500 to $3,000.

The further down the baseline, toward the outfield, the price decreases. Additionally, the higher up the level, the cheaper the ticket is. Tickets for seats in the highest level on either baseline cost around $650. Those would be the cheapest tickets for the Home Run Derby.


How much are Home Run Derby tickets?

Home Run Derby tickets start around $650, for seats in the highest level along the baseline and behind home plate.  As seats get closer to the field, prices increase. Lower-level baseline tickets cost about $1,500. Seats directly behind home plate cost as much as $4,500. Desirable outfield tickets range between $1,500 and $2,500.

What are the best seats at the MLB Home Run Derby?

The best seats at the MLB Home Run Derby are found in the outfield. They provide the best opportunity to catch a home run ball. Fans can bring their baseball gloves and wait in their seats for an airborne baseball. With home runs hit left and right, sitting in the outfield gives fans tons of chances to bring home a souvenir. Plus, you still get a clear look at all of the action from any part of the outfield.