How Much Do Baseball Tickets Cost?

How Much Do Baseball Tickets Cost

As of 2022, the average cost of an MLB ticket is just under $36. However, the price of baseball tickets varies based on several factors: team, opponent, seat location, and the date and time of the game. On the upper end, tickets can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars, depending on the seat and the game. The most expensive ticket ever sold went for around $1.17 million for the 2016 World Series Game 7.

Team Prestige

Depending on the baseball team you are buying a ticket for, the price will fluctuate greatly. Some famous powerhouse teams, such as the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees, may charge an average of $150 per ticket. Less prestigious teams, such as the Baltimore Orioles and Detroit Tigers are on the other end of the spectrum. In 2020, the Tigers’ and Orioles’ average ticket prices were a third of that, at just $52 a piece. 

The inconsistency in ticket prices across different teams stems from a difference in demand. Big-market teams, such as the Yankees and Red Sox, have an easy time selling tickets thanks to their large and dedicated fanbase. This allows these top-tier franchises to charge more for tickets since fans will still be willing to pay. Small-market teams face lower demand and thus are forced to have lower prices.

Which MLB Teams Have the Most Expensive Tickets?

MLB teams with the longest histories, especially successful ones, tend to have much more expensive tickets than their counterparts. The following teams generally have higher ticket prices than the rest of the league:

  • Boston Red Sox
  • New York Yankees
  • Los Angeles Dodgers
  • Washington Nationals
  • St. Louis Cardinals
  • Chicago Cubs
  • Cleveland Guardians

Which MLB Teams Have the Cheapest Tickets?

Many of these teams have struggled to win baseball games for a long time, such as the Baltimore Orioles. Other teams, such as the Tampa Bay Rays, are skilled baseball clubs yet still struggle to find fans. The following teams typically have the cheapest tickets in the MLB:

  • Baltimore Orioles
  • Detroit Tigers
  • Cincinnati Reds
  • Tampa Bay Rays
  • Miami Marlins

Seat Location

The price of a baseball ticket is also heavily determined by where the seat is. The most affordable seats are those with the worst view of the field and the fewest amenities. These seats are typically located in the outfield, far away from the play. There are also suites, which are private rooms fans can watch the game from. Suites are significantly more expensive than normal seats and are meant for the biggest spenders. 

The most expensive seats are those with the best view and often come with bonus features such as waiters or access to exclusive bars. Behind home plate, next to the dugout, and next to 1st or 3rd base are considered the most elite seats.


The opposing team has a big impact on the price of baseball tickets. For example, imagine you are seeing a game at Yankee Stadium. The ticket prices will be much higher if the Yankees are playing a big-market rival team, such as the Boston Red Sox, than if the Yankees are playing a small-market team such as the Baltimore Orioles. Matchups that face two big-market teams or two teams that have a long rivalry drive tickets costs up the most. Games between lower-skilled, small market teams are comparatively much more affordable.

Time of the Game

Weekend games, particularly those played at nighttime, are the most expensive games. This is because the demand for these games is the highest, as they are on days where the conventional workweek is over, and people have more free time. Alternatively, weekday games see lower demand, as fans are typically busier during the week.

The time of the year is also an important factor. The most expensive times of the year are the playoffs, opening day, and the last few weeks of the regular season. This is because it’s when games are the least predictable and often the most competitive. The least expensive time of year to see an MLB game is typically mid-season. Playoff tickets are hard to come by since there are few playoff games played each year. Thus, playoff tickets are the most expensive.


What is the most expensive baseball ticket ever?

The most expensive ticket to a baseball game, and one of the most expensive sports tickets of all time, was sold for $1.17 million. The ticket was to Game 7 of the 2016 World Series between the Chicago Cubs and the Cleveland Indians.

What team has the most expensive tickets in MLB?

In 2022, the most expensive average ticket price for a team in the MLB was $61.71 to get into a Boston Red Sox game. They also led the league in Fan Cost Index (FCI) at $385.37, which is an estimation of how much the average family of four will spend at a game, factoring in costs such as ticket, concession, and parking.