Baseball Hitting Drills

Baseball Hitting Drills

The first step to scoring in baseball is successfully hitting the ball. Besides running, the most important thing for a baseball player to practice is their hitting technique. Listed below are some of the best drills for hitting a baseball.

List of Baseball Hitting Drills

  • Directional Bunting Drill
  • Hitting Off A Tee
  • Hitting Off A Tee - Lead Arm
  • Opposite Field Hitting

Directional Bunting Drill

Directional bunting drills task the hitter to be extremely precise on their bunts, as the coach provides targets that the players tries to hit upon successfully bunting the ball. By doing this, players are able to hone in on a specific location as opposed to a general direction, which increases the player’s chance of executing a successful bunt during the real game. 

Hitting Off a Tee

Hitting off of a tee is one of the most popular hitting drills in all of baseball because of its simplicity. All that is required to perform this drill is a metal or rubber tee that props up the ball to a desired height, just waiting to be hit in the batting cage. Once the baseball is placed on the tee, the player can make their normal swing, focusing on a specific aspect of their swing in a controlled environment.

Hitting Off a Tee With the Lead Arm

This drill incorporates the same basic concept as the standard “hitting off a tee” drill, except they use their lead arm. Instead of using both hands and making a full, normal swing, the player will use only their lead arm (left for righties, right for lefties). This slight change forces the player to extend through the ball and is extremely useful to hitters who tend to cast the barrel out across their body and roll over the ball. 

Opposite Field Hitting

In the opposite field hitting drill, the ballplayer purposely tries to hit the ball to the opposite field in order to prevent the common hitting mistake of overswinging. Opposite field hitting drills are not too specific, as they can be utilized in accordance with soft toss, tee work, or live pitching. However, they deserve to be an individual drill on this list because they are so heavily utilized in the modern game.


What is the best baseball hitting drill?

The best baseball hitting drill to increase your hitting ability is the opposite field hitting drill. This drill aims to practice pushing the ball, as most batters are not as good at pushing the ball to the opposite field as they are pulling it to their dominant side. If a player is successfully able to hit to the opposite field, they will become an extremely valuable offensive asset on any team.