Have There Ever Been Two Relatives On The Same MLB Team?

Have There Ever Been Two Relatives On The Same MLB Team

Yes, there have been multiple sets of relatives to play on the same MLB team throughout professional baseball history. In fact, over the course of MLB history, relatives have played for the same team nearly 100 times. Usually, these duos come in the form of brothers, but there have been a few different variations over the years, including even a father-son duo who played for the same Major League team and nine sets of twins. Below, we will highlight a few of the most well-known relative duos in baseball history.

The Waner Brothers

Perhaps the most famous relative duo in MLB history, Paul and Lloyd Waner played for the Pittsburgh Pirates simultaneously from 1927-1940. They also played their 1944 season together, both with the Brooklyn Dodgers. The only MLB brothers both in the Cooperstown Hall of Fame, older brother Paul was nicknamed “Big Poison,” while Lloyd sometimes was referred to as “Little Poison.” The brothers even played defense directly next to one another, Lloyd in center field and Paul in right field.

Both brothers were excellent hitters; in 1927, their bats combined for 460 of the Pirates’ hits. Paul Waner ended his career as one of the first baseball players in the 3,000 hits club, totaling 3,152. Lloyd had fewer total hits but still ended his career with an impressive 2,459.

The Aaron Brothers

From 1962-1971, Tommie Aaron was a Major League Baseball player for the Atlanta Braves. For the entire duration of Tommie’s career, his big-name older brother, Hank Aaron, was also playing for Atlanta. Tommie and Hank took turns playing first base, and Hank sometimes took right field while Tommie played left.

Tommie’s career was short, totaling only seven seasons, but in 437 games, he managed 216 hits. Hank, however, would go on to be one of the greatest baseball players of all time, hitting 755 career home runs and, to this day, holding the record for RBIs and total bases (2,297 and 6,856, respectively).

The Griffeys

This final set of MLB relatives we will discuss here are the only father and son duo to ever play for the same MLB team. Ken Griffey Sr. was finishing out the last years of his 19-year career with the Seattle Mariners in 1990 and 1991, the same time that his son, Ken Griffey Jr., was just beginning his career with the same team. Famously, on September 14, 1990, the Griffeys hit back-to-back home runs against the Angels.

Ken Griffey Sr. was a three-time All-Star, winning All-Star MVP in 1980. Combining his and his son’s hits together, they totaled 4,924, the most ever hit by a father and son in the MLB. Ken Griffey Jr.’s 630 career home runs mean he’s hit the seventh-most homers in professional baseball history. Griffey Jr. was inducted into the Cooperstown Hall of Fame in 2004.

Other Notable Family Duos in the MLB

Here is a list of other notable family members who have played for the same MLB team:

  • Roberto and Sandy Alomar: Padres (1988-89), Indians (1999-2000), White Sox (2003-04)
  • Felipe, Jesus and Matty Alou: Giants (1963)
  • Aaron and Bret Boone: Reds (1997-98)
  • Ed and Tom Delahanty: Phillies (1894)
  • Jason and Jeremy Giambi: Athletics (2000-01)
  • Vladimir and Wilton Guerrero: Expos (1998-2000, 2002)
  • Pedro and Ramon Martinez: Dodgers (1992-93), Red Sox (1999-2000)
  • Bengie and Jose Molina: Angels (2001-05)
  • Jim and Gaylord Perry: Indians (1974-75)
  • Billy and Cal Ripken: Orioles (1987-92, 1996)
  • B.J. and Justin Upton: Braves (2013-14), Padres (2015)