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Baseball Equipment List

What equipment is needed to play baseball? Here's a list of things you need to play as a fielder, catcher, batter, and pitcher. Get ready to learn about the best gear players need to play baseball.

Baseball Equipment

Baseball is a fun and popular sport that dates back centuries, so much so that it's known as "America's Pastime". Known for its exciting home runs, dives into home plate, and high-speed pitches, baseball has remained a favorite for all ages. It's a timeless game literally, there's not even a game clock, yet it is still action packed. Compared to most other popular sports, there's significantly less contact, but there's still a great deal of equipment to keep players safe and help the game go smoothly. Here's a list of equipment needed to play the game:

baseball equipment list

Game Equipment

When it's time to play ball there are a few important things you need with you on the diamond at all levels of play. Whether you're playing a quick game of pickup, a little league game or the World Series, the equipment you need to start a game is all the same. It doesn't take much to get gameplay started, but here is a list of the essentials:

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