Baseball Catcher's Gear Set

baseball catchers gear set

A catcher’s gear set is a set of different pieces of equipment worn solely by a baseball catcher. Every catcher will wear a similar set of equipment with a few different variations. Not every piece of equipment in a catcher’s set can or will be purchased together, but every set of catcher’s gear will feature a helmet, chest protector, and leg guards.

Benefits of Catcher’s Gear Sets

No matter what level of baseball you play, there will always be a catcher behind home plate. The catcher is responsible for crouching behind the hitter and catching the pitches thrown by the pitcher. Due to this responsibility, catchers are usually the most exposed and at-risk players on the baseball diamond. They can get hit with high-velocity balls and ricochets with little to no time to react. Catchers can also be hit by a swinging or flying bat, which can cause injuries such as broken bones or concussions. This makes having protective padding essential to a baseball catcher’ uniform. 

Catcher’s gear will consist of different types of hard-shell protective equipment which will cover different parts of the body such as the head, chest, and legs. This gear aims to offer full body protection without hindering range of motion.

Things To Consider

When looking for a catcher’s gear set, you'll want to consider the following:

  • What equipment do you want included in the set?
  • How much are you looking to spend on a catcher’s gear set?
  • Is there a certain color or brand you are looking for?

What are you looking for in a catcher’s gear set?

  • Maximum protection
  • Adult use
  • Youth use
  • Durability
  • Affordability


The different components in a catcher’s gear set include leg guards, chest protectors, and helmets.

Leg Guards

Baseball Catchers Leg Protection

Leg guards are a piece of hard protection that will cover most of the legs. They offer optimal protection to the exposed areas of the legs as well as helping catchers slide to block pitches in the dirt smoother and without injury. Areas of protection include the knees, shins, lower thighs, and ankles.

Chest Protector

Baseball Catchers Chest Protection

A catcher chest protector is a type of padding that will cover most of the torso. Chest protectors will usually have thicker padding than leg guards but will not have a hard outer shell. This piece of equipment will cover the chest, shoulders, and abdomen.


Baseball Catchers Helmet

Catcher’s helmets are designed to protect the catcher from head injuries. These helmets are similar in design to those worn by goalkeepers in hockey and lacrosse. They will often feature a hard shell around the head and neck while covering the face with a wire caging. 


The most popular brands that produce catcher’s equipment are Rawlings, Easton, and Mizuno.


Rawlings is a company that mainly produces baseball equipment and gear, with a few different items being officially used in the MLB. They make leg guards, chest protectors, and helmets with a few different variations of each type. Most of their catcher’s gear will come in a few different colors as well.


Easton is another brand that specializes in select baseball equipment. They also make all three components of a catcher’s gear set. Their items can be purchased either individually or in a complete set, which comes in a few different designs. Easton also sells catcher’s accessories such as throat guards and knee savers as well.


Mizuno makes high-quality equipment and apparel for a few different sports, including baseball. They mostly make entire gear sets, with some items also offered individually. Each set and item will come in a wide variety of colors, and each component will have a few different variations.


How much does a catcher’s gear set cost?

Most catcher’s gear sets can be found anywhere from $150 to upwards of $400. Adult sets and ones that come with different accessories such as bags or throat guards will usually cost more. Some expensive sets will also be made with more advanced designs and higher quality materials.

What sizes do catcher’s gear sets come in?

Catcher’s gear sets are usually limited in the different size options. Most sets will either be categorized as youth or adult. Within these categories, different sizes, such as small through large, may be available. Some components of the average catcher’s gear, such as leg guards, are also designed to be adjustable and provide a firm fit for players of all sizes.

What kind of catcher’s gear do MLB players wear?

MLB catcher’s can wear any brand of catching equipment that they desire. That being said, Under Armour and Nike are two of the more commonly worn brands in the MLB. While any brand can be worn, all catchers must wear all three types of protective equipment found in a catcher’s set.