Baseball Batting Stances

Batting is the first step to scoring in any game of baseball, but each player may have a unique way of holding their bat or standing when hitting the ball. In fact, there are three different types of stances a batter may use when they are at bat. Read on to learn about each major type of batting stance.

Types of Batting Stances

There are lots of ways to hit a baseball. It all depends on your leg dominance and the type of stance that is most comfortable to you. There are three types of stances you can use during your at-bat:

  1. Square Stance
  2. Open Stance
  3. Closed Stance

Every batter has his unique stance adjusted to his comfort and intent for the at-bat. However, there are three common categories of batting stances: square stance, open stance, and closed stance.

Square Stance

The square batting stance is the most common stance. The batter stands with both his feet an equal distance from the plate, and parallel to the side of the batter's box. It allows batters to see the pitcher with both eyes, and to be in a good, balanced position to hit any pitch.

Open Stance

The open batting stance is when the batter stands with his front foot farther from home plate than his back foot. This causes his chest to be facing the pitcher slightly, making him "open" to the pitcher. It allows batters to track the pitch better, and to pull the ball.

Closed Stance

The closed batting stance is when the batter stands with his back foot farther home plate than his front foot. Since this causes his back to be facing the pitcher slightly, he is "closed" to the pitcher. Although this stance makes it harder to see the ball, some batters claim it helps them hit the ball more powerfully.


What is a batting stance in baseball?

A batting stance is the way a batter sets up their body when in the batter’s box. This stance can be customized by an individual batter, and no two batting stances are exactly the same. Most batters choose their batting stance based on comfort, but some will change their stances in different situations.

What are the types of batting stances in baseball?

The three main types of batting stances in baseball are open, closed, and square. Each type features the front foot set in a different location. Square batting stances feature both feet equidistant from home plate. An open stance features the front foot further away from home plate than the back foot. A closed stance features the front foot closer to home plate than the back foot.