Baseball Batting Gloves

Baseball Batting Gloves

Batting gloves are a very commonly used piece of equipment in the game of baseball. While batting gloves are not required, the majority of baseball players use them. They come in a few different materials and are used by batters for a few reasons. Read on to learn all about batting gloves, the top brands, and considerations to make before buying.

Benefits of Baseball Batting Gloves

Baseball gloves allow the batter to get a better grip on all types of baseball bats and grips. Gloves can be especially helpful for people with sweaty hands. Having a better grip on the bat will allow you to have more power and control during a swing. 

Batting gloves can also provide a certain level of protection to a batter. If the ball hits the bat below the barrel, it can send a painful vibration through the handle and into the player’s hands. Batting gloves help reduce the intensity of this vibration. Gloves can also help prevent blisters and other discomfort that can arise from repeatedly swinging a bat.

Things To Consider

When looking for baseball batting gloves, you'll want to consider the following:

  • What size gloves do you need?
  • What material do you want your gloves to be made of?
  • How much money do you have to spend on batting gloves?
  • Do you have a favorite brand or color?

What Are You Looking for in Baseball Batting Gloves?

Listed below are a few features you should look for in any batting glove:

  • Maximum grip
  • Decreased hand perspiration
  • Affordability
  • Durability
  • Protection from vibration sting
  • Protection from blisters
  • Protection while baserunning


The different types of batting gloves include leather, synthetic, and hybrid gloves.


Leather gloves are batting gloves that are made with genuine leather. Genuine leather provides a more natural feel when gripping a baseball bat. This material can also occasionally provide a better grip than synthetic gloves. Genuine leather is not always as flexible and can sometimes be less durable than synthetic leather.


  • More natural feel
  • Often better grip


  • Less durable than synthetic
  • Not very stretchy
  • Usually more expensive


Synthetic gloves are batting gloves made with synthetic leather. This material is designed to provide a similar feel to genuine leather while also remaining very durable. Many people prefer these gloves because of their more flexible feel.


  • Very durable and easy to clean
  • Often cheaper than genuine leather
  • Flexible and conforming fit


  • Not always the best grip
  • May not feel as natural as genuine leather


Hybrid gloves are batting gloves that use a mixture of both genuine and synthetic leather. Most commonly, these gloves are made with genuine leather in the palms and synthetic leather in the fingers. This will usually provide a good mixture of feel and durability. 


  • Mixture of feel and durability
  • Usually the most comfortable gloves


  • Some may not like the different materials
  • Not as durable or easy to clean as synthetic


The most popular brands that produce baseball batting gloves are Franklin, Under Armour, and Nike.


Franklin makes select equipment for a wide variety of different sports. Baseball gloves are their most popular item and are one of the most commonly used in leagues such as the MLB. They make men’s, women’s, and youth gloves which come in many different colors and designs.

Under Armour

Under Armour is a sports equipment and apparel manufacturer known for its high-quality products. They make gloves that use both genuine and synthetic leather. While they do not have the largest collection of batting gloves, their gloves come in different colors and have a few inexpensive options.


Nike is one of the largest equipment and apparel manufacturers in the world. They make a few synthetic batting gloves which are relatively cheap and premium leather gloves that cost around $60. Most of their batting gloves will come in black or white. They make both youth and adult sizes.


How do you clean batting gloves?

Always hand-clean your leather batting gloves with warm water, soap, and a towel. If your batting gloves are made with any amount of genuine leather, machine washing will likely ruin them. If your gloves are 100% synthetic, they are likely safe to go in the washing machine.

What are the best kinds of batting gloves for beginners?

Any type of batting glove can be used at any level of baseball. The main preference between different types of gloves comes down to feel and durability. However, another factor that may be considered, especially for beginners, is cost. Most beginners will want to get a cheaper pair of gloves since they will not be able to tell much of a difference and are unsure how long they will need them. This makes synthetic gloves the best option for beginners.

Do you wear one or two batting gloves?

Unlike golf, most people wear two batting gloves when batting. However, there is no rule regarding how many gloves you can wear. Some people may prefer to wear one or no batting gloves, but most people wear two.