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Baseball The Field

What is a baseball field? Where is baseball played? Get ready to learn the rules of baseball fields.

The Field

Welcome to the sport of baseball. Baseball is played on a field that has many lines, shapes, and components.

Baseball Field

In the following tutorials, we will learn about the field dimensions, field lines, and field components in baseball.

If you're pressed for time and want the basics of the field, here is short summary of the next few tutorials:

The Infield and Outfield

Every baseball field consists of an infield and outfield where most of the field lines and components are.

Baseball Infield

The Bases

There are four bases called 1st base, 2nd base, 3rd base, and home plate that are in the infield

Baseball Base

Foul Lines

The foul lines are kind of like inbounds and out of bounds in baseball. If a batter hits a ball outside the foul lines before the ball passes first base, it's a foul ball. If the ball stays on or within the foul lines it is a fair ball.

Baseball Foul Line

Other Lines And Shapes

The on-deck circle and dugout are where the batters and other players on the team wait their turn to bat when their team is on offense. There's a mound of dirt at the center of the infield called the pitcher's mound. It is used by the pitcher to throw pitches to batters at home plate.

Baseball Pitcher's Mound

There are three boxes on the field called the batter's box, coaches' boxes, and catcher's box. These boxes are used for various aspects of a baseball game and are focused around hitting, base running, and coaching.

Baseball Batter's Box

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