Baseball Pitching

In this chapter, we will learn about pitching, the types of pitches in baseball, and the rules that go along with it. By the end of this chapter you will understand what pitching is and why it matters in baseball.


We've already learned about the pitcher in baseball and where he is positioned on the field.

Baseball Pitcher

Pitching is an important part of baseball and playing defense. A pitcher has a lot of responsibilities in a baseball game. The pitcher is at the center of the action for most of the game, since he delivers the pitches that batters attempt to hit. What the pitcher throws and how the batter responds is the basic structure of the baseball game; it all starts with the pitcher.

The Pitcher's Mound

As we learned in previous chapters, the pitcher stands on the pitcher's mound.

Baseball Pitcher's Mound


The pitcher delivers special throws called pitches. Pitches are not like regular throws, they greatly differ from how fielders throw to each other. Pitches require an extremely specialized technique that involves the entire body and requires strength, balance, stamina, and strategy.

Baseball Pitch

There are many different types of pitches, which we will learn about in future chapters, and there are many different types of pitchers. Each pitcher has their own strengths and weaknesses and may fulfill a specific role for the team.

What We'll Be Learning

In this chapter, we will learn what pitching is, how it works, and some strategies pitchers use when pitching. We will first learn about various types of pitchers and pitches that they can throw. Next, we'll learn about balks and the rules a pitcher must follow when throwing a pitch. Then, we'll learn about the pitching motion and how a pitcher throws a pitch. Finally, we'll end with a discussion of a pitcher's responsibilities on the field.

Glossary Terms

At any point, you can go to our baseball glossary and look up any of the terms discussed in these chapters. Here are all the terms we will be covering related to the Chapter 9: Baseball Pitching:

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