Baseball Outfielders

Meet the outfielders they're a group of three (3) players that play in the outfield on the field. Get ready to learn about the outfielders.


Outfielders are the defensive players who stand in the outfield, or the large grassy area that is farthest from home plate.

Baseball Outfielder

The outfielders include the following players:

In this tutorial we will learn about the outfielders and what their role is on the field in baseball.

Left Fielder

As we learned in Chapter 4: Baseball Player Positions, the left fielder occupies left field (typically the left one-third segment of the outfield)

Baseball Left Fielder

Right Fielder

The right fielder occupies right field (the right one-third segment of the outfield).

Baseball Right Fielder

Occasionally, the left fielder and right fielder may cross into each other's general areas if a baseball is hit in between them. In addition, sometimes the shallow outfield is covered by the infielders.

Center Fielder

the center fielder occupies center field (the center one-third segment of the outfield).

Baseball Center Fielder

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