Baseball On Defense

The team that is in the field is on defense. Get ready to learn about when a team is fielding (on defense) in baseball.


At all times during a baseball game, one team is on offense and the other team is on defense.

In this tutorial, we will learn what being on defense means.

On Defense (Fielding)

The team that is pitching and fielding the baseball is on defense. They cannot score runs while on defense, they can only prevent the opposing team from scoring. Mainly, the pitcher and the catcher try to get batters out at home plate, while the infielders and outfielders try to get baserunners out as they advance the bases.

Baseball On Defense

Goals While On Defense

The goals of a baseball team when on defense are the following:

While on defense, a team accomplishes these goals by throwing tricky, difficult-to-hit pitches and by fielding the baseball accurately and swiftly. Fielding the baseball refers to any act of getting hold of the baseball and throwing it to another defensive player to try to get a baserunner out.

Transitions From Defense To Offense

Once the offensive team has three (3) outs, the half-inning ends and the teams switch roles. The team on defense now becomes the team on offense, and a new half-inning begins.

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