Baseball Knuckleballs

What is a knuckleball pitch? When will a pitcher decide to use this type of pitch on a batter? Get ready to learn about knuckleballs in baseball.


There are lots of pitch types in baseball. Here are the following pitch types you should know:

In this tutorial, we will learn about knuckleballs and how they work in baseball.


Knuckleballs are rare pitches that use both unpredictable speed and movement to challenge batters.

Rotational Spin

Knuckleballs have minimal rotational spin, causing them to have erratic movement (since spin is what helps determine a ball's motion and direction).

Knuckleball Movement

A knuckleball's movement is very unpredictable and uncontrollable; it is influenced by factors such as the wind and air resistance. Not only does the knuckleball's erratic movement make it hard for batters to hit, but it is also hard for catchers to catch and umpires to call.

PRO TIP: Mastering the knuckleball is also difficult for pitchers and not very practical, which is why knuckleballs are so rare.

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