Baseball Fastballs

What is a fastball pitch? When will a pitcher decide to use this type of pitch on a batter? Get ready to learn about fastballs in baseball.


There are lots of pitch types in baseball. Here are the following pitch types you should know:

In this tutorial, we will learn about fastballs and how they work in baseball.


Fastballs are the most basic and the most common type of pitch that pitchers throw. As the name suggests, its main quality is speed, so it has a relatively straight path compared to other pitch types which we will learn about later in this chapter.

When Are Fastballs Thrown?

Fastballs are usually the first pitch a pitcher throws to a batter in any at-bat. This helps the pitcher gauge the batter's reaction time as well as determine the strikezone for the batter (if the pitcher throws a straight fastball in what he thinks is the batter's strikezone but the umpire calls it a baseball, the pitcher will have to adjust for the rest of the at-bat).

Fastball Speed (MLB)

In Major League Baseball, fastballs nearly always reach velocities of 90 miles per hour or above. The speed of the pitch is measured by a device called a radar gun. After each pitch, the radar gun reading is usually displayed on screens around the stadium.

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