Baseball Balks

What is a balk in baseball? When are they called on a pitcher? Get ready to learn about balks.


Baseball has lots of rules for pitchers. If a pitcher breaks one of these rules he will be called for a balk.

In this tutorial, we will learn about balks and the rules that pitchers must follow when pitching.

Baseball Pitch


A balk is an illegal move made by or related to the pitcher. Balks result in a dead ball and all baserunners (not including the batter) advancing one base. Balks are only called when there are one or more runners on base, otherwise, an illegal move by the pitcher would only result in a ball.

Pretending To Pitch

Commonly, balks are called when the pitcher pretends to pitch, but does not actually follow through with the pitch. The reason a pitcher might do this is to deceive the baserunners; he would pretend to pitch, then attempt to pick off a baserunner instead of delivering the pitch, thus catching the runner off-guard. Since this is an illegal method of deception, the rule of balks is implemented.

When Will A Pitcher Be Called For A Balk?

Common circumstances that constitute a balk are the following:

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