Baseball Basic Rules For Kids

Baseball Basic Rules For Kids

Baseball Rules

In baseball there are two teams competing. There are nine players allowed on the field for the team not batting. The team batting will take turns one at a time when going up to bat.

Each play starts by a pitcher throwing the ball towards a batter who attempts to hit the ball with the bat.

The bat is a club meant to hit the ball. It is usually made of wood or metal. In professional baseball, players are not allowed to use metal bats.

To score a run, a player must make it back to homebase on the diamond without being outed by the other team.

The ball is a small round object that players attempt to throw, hit, and catch on every play.

Baseball games last up to 9 innings.

Each inning consists of 3 outs that the defensive team has to get before they can take their turn batting.

At the end of 9 innings, the team with the most runs wins.

If the game is tied, the teams play extra innings until a winner is decided.

There are four bases on a baseball field and if a player touches all of them and gets back to home plate, they score a run for their team.