Barry Bonds Bio And Facts

Barry Bonds

Barry Bonds is the all-time Major League Baseball (MLB) home run king. Bonds played 22 years in the MLB for the Pittsburgh Pirates and the San Francisco Giants. He was a left fielder who was selected for the All-Star team 14 times and won National League Most Valuable Player seven times. Bonds is a highly controversial figure for his use of Performance Enhancing Drugs (PED's) but is considered one of the best hitters ever.

Bonds was born in 1964 in a very athletic family. His dad was a former MLB player and his aunt Rosie was a hurdler in the 1964 Olympics. Bonds grew up in California and was drafted by the San Francisco Giants out of Junipero Serra High School. They couldn't come to a full agreement and he instead went to Arizona State University. After that he was drafted by the Pirates and ended up starting his historic career.

  • Birthday: July 24, 1964 (24-07-1964)
  • Education: Arizona State University
  • Net Worth: $100 million
  • Occupation: Retired Baseball Player, Coach
  • Height: 6'1" (1.85 m)
  • Weight: 185lbs (83.9 kg)
  • Position: Left Field
  • Years Active: 22
  • Nicknames: The Sultan of Shot
  • Teams: Pittsburgh Pirates (7 years), San Francisco Giants (15 years)

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Baseball Career

Barry Bonds' professional baseball career started in 1985 when he was drafted by the Pittsburgh Pirates. He had been drafted originally by the San Francisco Giants in 1982 but chose to go to college instead. On May 30, 1986 Bonds was called up to the struggling Pirates, making his Major League debut. That year he was sixth in NL Rookie of the Year voting after a solid season. In 1990 Bonds made his first All Star Game appearance and won his first NL MVP award after recording 33 home runs and 52 stolen bases, his first 30/30 season. In 1993 Bonds left the Pirates organization and became a member of the San Francisco Giants. In 2001 Bonds set the single season home run record, hitting 72 that year. Bonds was a superstar in San Francisco. He dealt with some controversy as a part of the steroid era of baseball. When Bonds retired in 2007 he was one of the most accomplished hitters of all time.

Titles and Awards

Barry Bonds' accolades started in College. As a junior he won second team All-American honors. Once he made it to professional baseball, Bonds quickly made an impression. He was sixth in NL Rookie of the Year voting. In 1990 Bonds won his first MVP award, made the All-Star team, won a Gold Glove and a Silver Slugger. In 1991 Bonds came in second in MVP voting and won his second Gold Glove and Silver Slugger. From 1992 to 1998 Bonds made the All-Star team every year, won two more MVP awards and 6 Gold Gloves. In 1996 Bonds reached the 40/40 mark of home runs and steals, though he hit the 30/30 mark on multiple occasions. In 2001 Bonds returned to MVP form, setting the single season home run record at 73. He won the MVP award every year from 2001 to 2004, one of the most dominant runs of all time. It wasn't until his final season, 2007, that Bonds made another All-Star Game. To this day Bonds still holds the single season and all time home run records as well as the walks record.

Personal Life

Barry Bonds was born on July 24, 1964 in Riverside California. His parents, Bobby and Patricia married at 17 years old and had Barry a year later. Within two weeks of Barry being born, his dad signed an MLB contract, with Barry's future team the San Francisco Giants. Barry's life was so entwined with baseball that his godfather was none other than Willie Mays. From high school Bonds was seen as someone entirely focused on baseball. He was an average student, and was quite often considered a bully by others. Bonds was incredibly talented, scouts saw that, but many of them saw someone who was considered arrogant and lazy. In college, despite being the best player from the beginning of his freshman season, when the coach held a vote as to whether or not to cut Barry the team overwhelmingly wanted him gone. His coach chose to keep him, because the vote wasn't unanimous. Once in the league, Bonds was still mostly considered a bad person, despite being the league MVP. His involvement in the steroid controversy only made him further hated in the MLB. This fact has kept Barry Bonds out of the Hall of Fame for nearly a decade of eligibility.

Fun Facts

  • Barry Bonds godfather is Willie Mays. This means that Barry Bonds, his dad, and his godfather all played for the same baseball team. Bonds is also related to Reggie Jackson, who played in Oakland.
  • Barry has the most intentional walks of all time at 688. He has almost three times as many intentional walks as the person in second place, Hank Aaron.
  • Bonds is the only athlete in the 500/500 club: over 500 home runs and 500 steals. He also is the only athlete in the 400/400 club.
  • Barry Bonds holds the record for the most MVP awards, at 7, and the most Silver Sluggers at 12.
  • If you put all the walks that he has had together then Barry Bonds has walked a total of 43.6 miles across his career.
  • When he retired, Barry was just 4 RBI's away from 2000 total for his career and just 65 hits from 3000.


Why isn't Barry Bonds in the Hall of Fame?

Barry Bonds is statistically one of the best baseball players of all time, but was never inducted into the baseball hall of fame. This has everything to do with his history with Performance Enhancing Drugs. Bonds was found to have used Performance Enhancing Drugs during his time in the MLB, helping him to get stronger and hit more home runs. For this reason, the voters are yet to vote Bonds into the Hall of Fame. In recent years, he has risen in voting, getting up to 60% of the vote, just shy of the 75% needed to enter the hall.

Where did Barry Bonds grow up?

Barry Bonds was born and raised in Riverside, California. After a few years, his dad signed a contract with the San Francisco Giants and moved his family to San Francisco to join him. Unfortunately this did not last as Bobby Bonds was signed by the Yankees. However, Barry and his family stayed in California. Barry went to Junipero Serra High School, a prominent baseball school. He then ended up at Arizona State University for college, before moving on to professional baseball.

Is Barry Bonds the best hitter of all time?

To some, Barry Bonds is the best hitter of all time. Statistically, Bonds has the most home runs of all time as well as the most walks. Bonds is also the only person in MLB history with more than 400 home runs and 400 steals. In fact, Bonds has over 500 of each. However, some people say that Bonds wouldn't have had as many home runs if it weren't for PEDs. On top of that, Bonds never reached 3000 hits, which others have.

What records does Barry Bonds have?

Barry Bonds has many MLB records to this day. Bonds holds the single season home run record, 73 in 2001. Bonds also has the all time home run record at 762. Bonds holds the record for most walks of all time and the most intentional walks. When it comes to intentional walks he has almost three times as many as the person in second place, Hank Aaron. Bonds also has the record for most MVPs at 7 and silver slugger awards at 12.