Baseball Bags

Baseball bat Bag

Baseball bags are an essential piece of equipment for baseball players. After all, baseball requires a good deal of equipment for each individual player, and owning a bag is the best way to hold and organize all this gear. Read on to learn about the functionality of different types of baseball bags and all of the things to consider when looking for the right one.

Benefits of Baseball Bags

Dedicated baseball players will almost always have their very own equipment, including a glove, a helmet, batting gloves, cleats, and a bat. Unfortunately, unless playing professionally, these items will not be provided or carried for you. Thus, it is very important to obtain a bag specialized for holding these vital pieces of equipment and anything else you may want to bring to the field.

Bags come in all different styles and sizes, and some may suit different players better than others depending on factors such as level of play, position, age, and price range. No matter which bag is chosen, each baseball bag is designed to hold all of the basic equipment, some of which include specialized compartments for specific gear like individual pockets for baseball bats and cleats.

Things To Consider

When looking for baseball bags, you'll want to consider the following:

  • What type of baseball bag are you looking for?
  • What size bag do you want?
  • Do you want specialized compartments?
  • How much do you want to spend on a baseball bag?
  • How much gear do you need to store?
  • Do you want a specific brand or color?

What are you looking for in baseball bags?

  • Easy to carry
  • Style
  • Holds multiple bats
  • Meant to hold balls
  • To travel
  • Maximum storage


There is an assortment of baseball bags including duffle, backpack, wheeled, and ball bags that each serve players differently.


baseball bag duffle

Duffle bags are one of the more standard types of baseball bags. The overall design of this style of baseball bag is very much like a normal duffle bag, with ample room to carry most equipment. Some baseball duffle bags will include a special compartment to carry baseball bats separate from the body of the bag.



  • Can be heavy and difficult to carry
  • Less suitable for younger players


baseball bag backpack

Backpack style bags are quickly becoming one of the more popular style choices for baseball bags, particularly among youth baseball players. It is designed like a school backpack that holds up to two bats on the sides, freeing up the middle compartment for the smaller pieces of equipment. This style also effectively distributes the weight, making it one of the easiest to carry.


  • Distributes weight evenly and is easy to carry
  • Separates storage of bats from the rest of the equipment
  • Often includes pockets for storage of smaller items like cell phones, wallets, and sunglasses


  • Only allows for storage of up to two bats
  • Smaller on average than most other options


baseball bag wheeled

Wheeled bags are the bag of choice for players looking to carry a lot of equipment. The tank of all baseball bags, wheeled bags can store a surplus of equipment and is the bag of choice for catchers and coaches who bring extra gear for their players. The best wheeled bags have metal runners along the bottom for structural support and specialized compartments for organization.


  • Largest size of all baseball bags
  • Utilizes wheels for easy transport


  • Difficult to store and maneuver
  • Heavy in weight
  • More expensive than alternative bags

Ball Bag

Baseball Ball Bag

Ball bags are a type of bag that is separate from the previously mentioned baseball bags. This is because ball bags are specifically designed to carry baseballs. Typically cylindrical in shape, these bags are designed to carry dozens of baseballs at once.


  • Can carry dozens of baseballs at once
  • Easily transportable, typically in backpack form


  • Only designed to hold baseballs


There are a wide range of brands that produce quality baseball bags, including Demarini, Easton, Wilson, and Rawlings. It is important to consider these different brands before selecting a bag.


Demarini is one of the top brands for all things baseball and tailors its bag selection to specific types of players who require special features. Demarini offers a range of bag designs from the two most popular bag types, backpack and wheeled, and their website provides insight as to which of their bags suits varying types of players most appropriately.


Arguably the best brand in the baseball gear market, Easton offers the full range of baseball bags, including duffles, backpacks, wheeled bags, and even individual ball bags. Easton also has a slightly less expensive price range compared to other brands.


Wilson does not have as large of a selection as the other brands in terms of the bags they offer. However, in regard to the bags they do offer, Wilson focuses on heavy-duty wheeled and duffle team bags, specifically for coaches, catchers, and umpires carrying a lot of gear.


Rawlings is another brand that always needs to be considered when selecting a baseball bag, as they bring their own unique designs and styles into the market. Rawlings offers the full range of bag types and even makes special designs not commonly found elsewhere, including a unique wheeled backpack style bag for catchers.


How do you clean a baseball bag?

One of the best ways to clean a baseball bag is with a cleaning solution tailored specifically for sporting gear. First, it is very important to remove all your gear from the bag as well as any excess dirt and debris from the field that may accumulate over time. Next, apply the gear cleaning solution inside and outside the bag to remove bacteria, mold, and mildew and allow it to air dry by hanging it in a well-ventilated, dry area.

Which type of baseball bag is best for catchers?

Catchers carry the most gear out of any player on the baseball diamond and therefore need a larger-sized bag capable of holding all of their equipment. Generally, it is recommended that catchers use a large wheeled bag as these bags are designed to hold the most equipment. Rawlings' wheeled catcher's backpack offers another option for catchers, providing a unique wheeled backpack style design specifically tailored for catchers gear.

How much do baseball bags cost?

Baseball bags vary in cost depending on the type and quality of the bag, as well as the brand. Duffle bags tend to be the cheapest design, followed by backpack style, while wheeled and specially designed bags tend to be the most expensive. However, a quality baseball bag can be found within most budget ranges and can typically be purchased within a price range of $20 and $170.