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Baseball Strikes

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What is a strike in baseball?

Strikes are an important part of baseball, as they limit the batter's chances to hit the ball and demonstrate the skill of the pitcher. All pitches in baseball result in either a strike, ball, or a foul for the batter. It's all based on where the pitch ends up in the strike zone and how the batter reacts to the pitch.

A strike can happen in a few ways in baseball:

  • The pitch ends up in the strike zone
  • The batter swings and misses
  • The batter hits a foul ball with less than two strikes in the count
  • The batter is hit by a pitch thrown in the strike zone
  • The batter touches the ball as he swings and hits it
  • The batter bunts a pitch into foul territory
  • The batter hits a foul tip
  • The batter fails to check his swing


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