What Is The Best Age To Start Badminton?

What Is The Best Age To Start Badminton

Badminton gameplay can be described as a mixture of tennis and volleyball. Players hit a shuttlecock (which is a ball with a feathered-like structure on its end) with a stringed racket over a net and attempt to land it on the other team’s side without them hitting it first. Badminton requires some exertion, but at its basic gameplay, it is great fun for all ages.

Defining Goals

Before starting your child in badminton, it is best to determine appropriate goals. Does your child want to play badminton for fun, or do they have hopes of making it to the big leagues someday?

By helping your child create a vision of what they want to get out of badminton, you will know how best to help them accomplish their desires. Keep in mind that becoming a professional athlete takes dedication and focus. If that is what your child wants, remind them that the road ahead will not be all fun and games.

Ages 3-5

Toddlers and young children can start to learn the basics of badminton. Get them a miniature badminton set with rackets and shuttlecocks. Then, help them get familiar with the game by showing them how to hit the shuttlecock (sometimes referred to as the bird or birdie) with their racquet.

Take turns hitting the birdie to each other, aiding them to see the importance of hitting the shuttlecock with a level racquet. Give them time alone with their badminton set. Show them how to throw the birdie into the air and hit it up to themselves. By doing this, you will help them to develop a love for the sport.

Ages 6-11

Older children should be able to begin playing the actual game of badminton. Get them a proper badminton set with rackets, shuttlecocks, and a net. Set up the net and start playing the game. Remember that professional badminton nets stand at 5 ft, 1 in (but if that is too high for your child, you can lower it to make it more easy and fun).

Badminton is an excellent excuse to get your children outside and exercising. Keep things light if you only want badminton to be a wholesome recreational activity for your kids. However, if you want them to become professionals in the future, you should be more strict with their practice and instill in them a competitive fire.

Ages 12 and Up

Teenagers can play badminton just about as well as adults. Get them hooked up with a badminton team or club near you. Plenty of schools have badminton clubs or teams. If this is not the case for you, search “badminton clubs near me” to find someplace your child can play, or simply buy multiple rackets and have them play with friends. The teenage years are also crunch time for serious badminton players. Develop a training routine and enroll your children in competitions if they wish to play professionally.

For Future College Athletes

You can expect competitive rankings, serious tournaments, intense schedules, and strict conduct rules at the collegiate level. Therefore, you must start your child young if you want them to play college ball. Help them to develop important qualities such as discipline and determination early on so that the difficulties of collegiate gameplay do not blindside them later. Visit USA Badminton’s site to get a feel for college-level Badminton.

For Future Professional Athletes

The greatest achievement one can attain in Badminton is the Olympic gold medal. If you wish your child to go the Olympic route, keep in mind that Olympic athletes are the best of the best. Expect 6-8 hours of training and practice daily at the Olympic level.

Badminton requires skill and fitness. Future professional Badminton athletes must stay in shape to keep their competitive edge. Hook your child up with a coach and a club as soon as possible so they will succeed as a professional. Visit USA Badminton’s website to find elite coaches and clubs for your child.

Safety Concerns

Badminton involves a lot of running while keeping your eye on the birdie; therefore, tripping and falling is a concern. Make sure your child wears newish shoes with a good grip to lower the chances that they fall. Also, ensure that your child stays nourished and hydrated, especially if they are playing badminton out in the sun. Other than that, let them get out there and have fun!


How do I get my kid started with Badminton?

Buy them a badminton set complete with racquets, shuttlecocks, and a net. Set up the net and have them start messing around. Visit the Olympics website to know the official game setup.

How old should my child be to play badminton?

Your child can start playing Badminton at any age. Younger kids may be unable to hit the shuttlecock over the net very well. But you can always give them miniature racquets and have them practice hitting the shuttlecock.

Can I teach my child badminton?

Yes, you can teach your child badminton. Badminton’s rules are straightforward. Additionally, you can visit the Olympics website to get an idea of how the game is played or Youtube the rules of Badminton.

How do I pick a badminton coach for my child?

USA Badminton is a great resource for any aspiring athlete. Check out their website and search for a coach. Searching “badminton coaches near me” on the internet is another excellent idea.