How Much Does It Cost To Go Axe Throwing?

How Much Does It Cost To Go Axe Throwing

Axe throwing is a group activity in which players compete against one another by aiming regulated axes at a target and collecting points for each “stick” in the target. As the sport grows in popularity and more axe throwing venues pop up around the world, newcomers to the sport may be wondering: How much does it cost to go axe throwing?


Although the cost to go axe throwing varies greatly from venue to venue, the average cost tends to be between $15-$40 per person. Most commonly within that range, you’ll find that a session typically costs about $35 per person. Sessions usually run for 60-90 minutes of throwing time for each group. 

Some axe throwing venues may require a minimum amount of players or payment. For example, four players at $35 each, or a total minimum of $120, to reserve a full, private lane. This includes the equipment you’ll use while playing, as most facilities do not allow you to bring your own equipment for legal reasons. In most venues, the price of your session also includes a certified axe throwing coach to guide you through the rules and assist you on your first couple of throws.

If you’re throwing with a larger group, prices may increase since you’ll need to reserve your lane for longer to allow everyone plenty of time to throw. Some axe throwing venues may offer discounted prices for guests that plan on competing regularly. For example, if you join an axe throwing team or league at the venue, your price per game may decrease to $15-$25 per person rather than $30-40 per person.

Food and Drinks

axe throwing food and drink

On top of the cost of the axe throwing game itself, you may consider figuring in some additional cash for food and drinks. Although axe throwing games are relatively short, you might still want some snacks while you wait your turn, or drinks to rehydrate. While some axe throwing facilities allow outside food and beverages, others do not. Be sure to check with your specific venue of choice about the rules regarding food and drink before showing up for your game. Many axe throwing venues sell light snacks, as well as both alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages. 


Most axe throwing venues allot a certified coach for each lane to watch over gameplay and instruct new throwers. Axe throwing coaches work hard to ensure the safety of all players, explain the activity rules and goals, and ensure a great experience for guests. As a thank you, many axe throwers will tip their coach before leaving the venue.

When in doubt, tipping the service industry standard of 20% is always a safe bet after a great axe throwing experience. Some facilities suggest a flat tip rate of $5-$10 per person. Most axe throwing venue websites state that tipping is not necessary but is always appreciated.


How much do you tip for axe throwing?

If you would like to thank your axe throwing coach, you can tip them anywhere from 20% of the group total to $5-10 individually per player. Tipping your axe throwing coach is not typically required. However, these coaches work hard to ensure game safety and provide enough instruction for each participant to have fun.