Axe Throwing Forfeit Rules

Axe Throwing Forfeit Rules

Axe throwing involves tossing hatchets (and sometimes axes) at targets in an attempt to hit the target for the most points. However, all the hard work that goes into that axe-throwing practice can go to waste if one shows up late or not at all and forfeits the game. In this article, we outline the rules governing forfeiting a game in axe throwing.

Forfeits in Axe Throwing

Players are allowed to be up to one and a half hours late for axe-throwing league night. If they exceed this time allotment, showing up more than one and a half hours late, their opponent may leave, and they will be given an absence. If that player does not make up their missed match by the end of week seven, they will receive a loss by forfeit.

Additionally, if players wish to leave early, they must remain at league night for at least one and a half hours. Should the player who left early fail to finish their matches or play against an opponent that showed up within their one-and-a-half-hour time allotment of lateness, the player that left early must make up all the matches that they missed before week seven. If they do not make up their matches, they forfeit.


Players are allowed to miss one week of regulation play during the axe-throwing season. They do not need to give any prior notification; however, if they wish to miss another week, they must notify their axe-throwing league at least one week in advance.

Any matches missed over the weeks spent not playing must be made up over the succeeding weeks. Players are not allowed to miss any matches on week seven. Any missed matches not made up by week seven or on week seven will result in forfeit losses. Additionally, players that do not give notice that they will miss more than one week of play will receive forfeit losses for all their missed matches.

Forfeit Rules

A player that wins by forfeit will receive the standard two points per win and their average score thrown that week for the match score. The player who forfeits the game will receive zero points for their loss, but their average score for the week will be unaltered.

Sometimes, one or both players miss a match, and fitting their make-up match into each other’s schedules is hard. Here are the rules for scheduling make-up matches:

  • Suppose one player misses a match and provides proper notification, moving the match to another week, but the other player does not provide proper notification for missing the rematch. In that case, the first player receives the forfeit win.
  • If both players miss a match but only one provides proper notification that they will be absent, the player that provided proper notification will receive the forfeit win.
  • Should both players miss a match on week seven or not provide proper notification of an absence, they will be given a forfeit loss.

If a player who received a forfeit win wishes to play their game against a random opponent, they are free to do so unless a league official does not allow it due to insufficient time or resources. The player who instigates the forfeit-play match will automatically receive a win, regardless of the outcome of the game.