What is Australian Football?

australian football

Australian football is a physical contact sport similar to American football with this contact. Also known as "Aussie Rules" and "Footy," Australian football has strong similarities to Rugby and Gaelic football. Australian football is professionally played under the Australian Football League. The sport originated in 1858 in Melbourne, Victoria. It is now played across most Australian states and territories.

How to Play

Australian Football is played on a field that is approximately the size of two regular football fields and played with 18 players from each team at a time. The field is typically a modified cricket ground, which is shaped like a large oval. The game is intense; once the ball is dropped the game begins and players fight for possession. Players are able to move around the ball by kicking, handballing, and running. When running with the ball, players are required to bounce the ball in order to maintain possession. Australian football has many other different rules players need to follow when possessing the ball and making their next move. Australian football consists of four quarters, each lasting 20 minutes. The sport is considered a physical contact sport because players are able to tackle opponents in order to prevent them from scoring or to steal the ball away.

Each game is monitored and officiated by an umpire who ensures rules are being followed and safely protocols are met. The umpire is also the official who bounces the ball to begin the game. Umpires also signal when goals are being scored. The entire objective of Australian Football is to score by kicking the football into the series of 4 goal posts. Whichever team scores the most points wins.


Is Australian football the same as rugby?

Australian football and rugby are very similar in play. The main difference between Australian football and rugby is that you cannot throw the ball in Australian football like you do in rugby. Goals in Australian football are only scored through kicking the ball. The Australian football is much larger than a rugby ball. In addition, there are 18 players from each team on the field at once, while rugby has 15 players from each team on at once.

What is the difference between American football and Australian football?

There are several differences between American football and Australian football. The main similarity between the two sports is the physical contact aspect, as both sports include tackling. There are only 11 American football players on the field at once rather than 18 in Australian football. Overall, American football is much more organized and includes throwing the ball with key plays to score, while Australian football focuses on kicking the ball to score with more of a brawl type of play.

How much does an Australian football player make?

Australian football players are admired for their skill in Australia, similarly to American football players. The average annual salary for a professional Australian football player is approximately $362,471. This is for an average scale player in the Australian Football League. The league has reported that there are six players that make over one million dollars annually. Lance Franklin is one top Australian football player that is known to make approximately $1.3 million a year.

How can I play football in Australia?

Playing football in Australia is very common from a young age. Kids start out playing football in Australia, as it is very popular to play in schools. There are junior leagues for Australian football which promotes the play of the game just like American football. Aside from children, adults are able to play with friends or for recreational leagues.