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How Is Archery Scored?

Archery Scoring

Archery is scored by valuing each ring of the Archery target that the archers shoot at to score points. The center ring is worth 10 points and the rest of the rings are in sequential order from 9-1. If the arrow misses the target, no points are scored.

Archery is scored very simply. The archers shoot the arrows at a target, usually placed some distance away (70 meters in the Olympics, but usually less for indoor archery). The arrow will lodge into the target and the closer to the center the arrow, the more points the archer will score. The center of the target is worth ten points and each ring outwards is one point less. For example, the center is worth ten points, the next ring is worth nine, then eight, etc.

In the Olympics, archers shoot 72 total arrows for 12 phases to receive their initial position in the competition. The total of points for all of their shots are added up, then placed in a bracket. Then, the archers compete in head-to-head knockout rounds where they attempt to outscore one-another. The archer with the most points at the end of the head-to-head wins and moves onto the next round until a winner is determined.

The amount of arrows the archers launch and the number of rounds is determined by the tournament they are competing in.


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