How Is Archery Played?

How Is Archery Played

Archery is played by the archer as they line up the target and attempt to shoot the arrow as close to the center circle as possible.


The archer aims his arrow and attempts to shoot the arrow as close to the center of the target as possible. Depending on how close the arrow is to the center target, points will be calculated and added to the archer’s total.


Archery Scoring

Add up the number of points based on where the arrow hits the target. The lowest score you can recieve for shooting one arrow is one point (hitting the outer white ring) while the highest score possible is ten points (hitting the inner gold ring).

Winning the Game

This will depend on the tournament style. During a competition, the winner is either the person who has the highest cumulative score after all the arrows have been shot, or the archer has outdueled his opponents in a “knockout” style game.

Basic Rules

Archery Basic Rules
  • Each archer has two minutes to shoot three arrows.
  • There are no re-shot’s allowed.
  • Athletes can be penalized, disqualified, or even banned for breaching rules.
  • Archer’s must wait until the signal to start is given before raising the bow arm.